ADP Pharma and PSO-HNS Partnership Aims to Improve ENT Condition in the Philippines

ADP Pharma Corporation is one of the healthcare company here in the Philippines who are dedicated to providing excellent pharmaceutical products.ADP has a wide range of medicines for ENT, OB-Gynecology, ENT, and Cardiology.With this in mind ADP partner with PSO_HNS an organization of ENT specialist.

Last sept 28, 2017 ADP Pharma and PSO-HNS signed their partnership to elevate more the importance of  ENT healthcare and improve ENT condition in the Philippines. The partnership between ADP Pharma and PSO-HNS gives the patient better access for high-quality products for patient care and products like Physiomer.

PSO-HNS recognized one of the pharmaceutical product of ADP Pharma, Physiomer.

Physiomer is made from 100% natural seawater that is used to help patients breathe easily and effectively prevents and treat colds and other complications.It has a complete range of solution adapted according to age and symptoms. It is proven to relieve nasal symptoms.

Physiomer Baby Mist 
- for babies from birth
- Can use for blocked nose, runny nose, cold, Rhinopharyngitis and Daily Hygiene
- Appropriate for babies delicate nose
- It cleanses, moisturizes and clear the nasal fossae
- can be used for colds, to help improve breathing and prevent ENT complications

Physiomer for Adults
- for kids 6 years and adult
- it effectively removes liquid secretions
- helps improved breathing by +45 %
- reduce nasal symptoms

Physiomer is now available in all leading drugstores nationwide. For more details  about Physiomer, you can visit

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