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Caltex Crazy Fuel Sale in Partnership with Landers

Discounts, freebies, savings, words that makes you hear the "ka-ching" sound every time. With all necessities soaring up high due to the new tax law, even fuel prices going up with the trend. With this being said, a little discount can really ease up something in our already tight budget.

Good thing that some of the petroleum companies here in the Philippines like Caltex the retail brand of Chevron Philippines Inc; that offer high-quality products and services partnered with Landers Superstore to give huge discounts to its members.

Cardholders of the only membership shopping in the country with a branded retail fuel station inside the facility will get more discounts for their fuel purchases in the Caltex Crazy Fuel Sale promo.

From March 12 to 16, Landers members fueling up at Caltex stations in all Landers Superstores will get P10/liter discounts for Caltex Platinum and Silver while Caltex diesel customers will receive P6/liter off.

On March 14, members can enjoy shopping…

Worry Free Parenting with the Limited Edition Friso Watch

Are you the kind of parent that can't concentrate when your child is in school or in other places? Being over protective has a positive and negative impact in our child developmental and growth.

Me, as a mother of a 5 years old who already started going to school I'm always worried about her safety. Most of the time I become over protective to her, which I think is normal for all moms out there especially we read and hear a lot of negative events in the news.

Kids nowadays love to explore and discover new things on their own, but as mothers, we also wanted to make sure that they will be responsible for their actions at an early age. Allowing them to play outside is one of the best things during childhood. Making new friends and playing with them will enhance their social ability. Worrying has always been a part of being a parent, we are afraid that our kids may get hurt or lost.

 Now we can now breathe and leave all the worries. We can let our kids play and enjoy their time as…

Get pampered and Stamped

Living in a tropical country certainly has a lot of perks. Perpetually sunny days, year-round airy summer fashion, and an annual healthy glow thanks to a regular dose of vitamin D.

This also means it’s nearly always sandal-seaon. While not necessarily a drawback, it does take a lot of work to make sure your tips and toes are perpetually ready to be on display.
This is probably the reason, on top of the need to indulge in some much needed me-time, why you frequent your favorite nail salon so much. But Nailaholics is making it a whole lot easier for you to make sure you keep your tips and toes in top shape, get pampered, and keep coming back for more.

“Each visit to Nailaholics beginning November 21 until March 31 means you’re pampering yourself for a bonus little treat,” says  Lorraine Baterina. 

Avail of your regular manicure and pedicure or indulge in one of Nailaholics’ signature packages and treatments and make sure that you get you Pampering Card stamped. Get five stamps and you g…