Acuatico Beach Resort, A Piece Of Paradise Where The Sky Meets The Sea

"You Only Live Once", a phrase I usually hear these days, a short phrase that gives you the meaning to enjoy life to the fullest.

After Surviving all the trials that I had for the entire year, the best thing to do is to reward my self with some "me time", away from the city life and a day to look and be thankful for whatever I currently have.AcuaticoBeach Resort is really a piece of paradise.

With this being said, I can say that I had a perfect day today as I had the opportunity to visit Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, San  Juan Batangas a place away from the city, and a place where the sky meets the sea.

When I arrived at the Resort the first thing that I noticed was the inviting ambiance and its friendly staff. a feeling that I am really away from the skyscrapers, a feeling of relaxation at its finest.

as my adventure goes, I really enjoyed the dip in their infinity pool overlooking the sea, a very calming and all I can say is WOW! as I see all blue from my view, a sight that I  truly adored.

Infinity Pool

The fun never stops in the pool, there are more in store as the day goes, We tried jet skiing which is a first time for me but it was a very adrenaline rushing experience for us. they also have banana boats for those people who wanna go bananas with their friends.

Time for some water sport. First time to try the Jetski. It was fun!


Front side of the

We stayed in Terraza B which is good for 4 people.
The room has a  mini bar, welcome fruits, and cookies. The bathroom and comfort room was located on the first floor.We had a nice veranda wherein we can see the great view of the resort.

My comfy bed at Acuatico Beach Resort

As for the room, I can say that they did a nice mix and match for the interior with complete amenities and even hot and cold water.

Mini Bar 

One of my favorite place here in AcuaticoBeach Resort is the Oceano. This is the buffet restaurant of this resort. It can accommodate 50-60 guest. The food is are really good and will satisfy everyone palate. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Dessert Station

The Bar
Another spot that I really love. The Cantaloupe Shake really got me hooked not to mention that their very good service and the polite barista who will serve your choice of drinks and liquor.

While checking the resort I saw that they also have a kiddie playroom and a massage spa which is perfect for people who likes further relaxation

During our stay, we were invited to attend the Christmas tree Lighting at the Oceano. They also announced their annual campaign the Light Up A Star Project which aims to resource funds to help the K to 12 students of Laiya National Highschool. It was indeed a great night to be part of the said event.
Some of the staff in Acuatico Resort are K to 12 students who are training in the said resort. I was really moved how the owner treat this student like her own child. It was so nice to know that there are still people who love too doo good deed. I can say faith in humanity is restored.

(L-R ) Lhyzie of lhyziebongon, Eihdra of One Proud Momma, Me, The Kitchen Mom, Jona and Lariza of  Lariza Garcia

 And as the line from the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost goes, " I  took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference "I believe that we deserve to live our lives to the fullest but if you take chances and succeed, the reward can be the sweetest. 

For more details, promos, inquiries, and reservation visit or follow their facebook account @acuticobeachresort.

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Lovell Compoc said…
ay ang ganda😍 sana makapunta din soon😉
Nice place. Nakaka fresh ng utak,
Sarap mag babad jan. Gusto kong pumunta jan pag uwi ko ������
Jmie Go said…
the place looks amazing. do they have a room near the beach and how much is it for 3days/2 nights stay? with food?
I've always wanted to bring the family here - but I'm getting mixed reviews. I love all the photos you posted though! I guess there's no other way to find out if it's worth it or not but to actually go there. :D
Nerisa said…
I would love to visit this place one day. Ang ganda. especially the infinity pool.
cheanne said…
Super nice! Plus, it's just a few hours away from Manila! I also like how the owners are doing a good deed with the students. Kudos!
Acuatico is one of the more popular resorts in Laiya. We've been there a few times and each visit had been awesome. :)
Edel San said…
We go to San Juan, Batangas but haven't stayed at Aquatico yet. Looks very posh! We love the beach there because its not "mabato" like Nasugbu.
It looks very nice. I haven't tried jetskiing or any other water sports, for that matter, yet. Mukhang nag enjoy kayo ah. Good on you.

I would like to reward myself with a me time getaway, too. My idea of it though, being the introvert that I am, is walang kasama at all, haha.
It looks like a really lovely resort! I've never been to Laiya before because when we travel, we don't visit beaches since there are already a lot of beach resorts in Davao. But this makes me think I'm missing out! :D
Wow Aquatico looks like a great place to take the family to.
Mommy Levy said…
ganda ng pool. Looks like a nice place.
Mommy Gracie said…
Wow! Angganda mommy! The place looks so relaxing!
And nakakatuwa naman may campaign sila for students of Laiya.
Mommy Peach said…
Ang ganda talaga sa Acuatico. The last time I've been there my eldest who is now 10 years old was still a baby. I hope we can visit again soon.
Tweenselmom said…
That's a nice place to go to with the kids. Subukan namin yan plus the jetski.
Your post is timely. I was just thinking where to bring my family this summer for some relaxation. I was thinking of this resort also.

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