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Brilliant Mother’s Day gift from My Diamond

If there is one person in the world we can be thankful for our life, then that should be our mothers. After carrying us for 9 months and bearing the pain of delivering us into this world and raising us.

The brightest gift for mom is within your reach this Mother’s Day. My Diamond offers a 45% discount on all jewelry from May 2 to 13, 2018 at all My Diamond stores nationwide! You can choose an 18k white gold ring with six pieces 0.54 carat diamond surrounded with 109 pieces of 0.64 diamonds from the Dream Collection, sliding diamond bangles of 18k white gold with 174 pieces of 1.25 carat diamonds or 14k white gold with 119 pieces of 0.77 carat diamonds, or classic baguette pave bangle of 14k white gold with 71 pieces of 1.44 carat diamonds.

This Mother’s Day, give something completely precious to someone who is truly diamond worthy with jewelry pieces from any My Diamond concept store in Ayala Center Cebu, Festival Mall, Gateway Mall, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3, LuckyChinatown Mall, Rob…

Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Are Less Than 500 pesos + Giveaway

A mothers love is like a sunlight that  warms our hearts, A love that never gets tired nor bored A mothers love is simple like what other people think but then this love can destroy anything A mothers love is pure and innocent, Like a child inside her womb A mothers love can sometimes be tough Only to make sure that her child is on the right path Seasons might change, leaves will fall, the land will dry But a Mothers Love will remain the same since the day you were born by: lhourdes mercadero

Mother's Day celebration will be few weeks from now. Do you have any gift ideas now that you would love to give to the woman who always make sure to stay beside us no matter the situation it is. When I was in High School I always think of buying something for my mom and grandma but since i only have an allowance which is Php 20 per day there's no chance i can buy something expensive for the two woman who never give up on me. But someone told me that the price is not important, it's the effort an…

Best Gift Ideas For Newly Weds

I have friends and relatives that are going to exchange their vows  this coming December.  I was looking for a nice wedding gift . A gift that they can use in their everyday life.

December is also becoming a popular month for weddings aside from the usual Christmas season gatherings. The times may be shifting, but the challenge of picking the right gifts for the newly-weds still stays the same.  Of course, people want to give only the best things that the couple may use in beginning their new life and that it would be a seemingly good idea to start gift hunting as early as possible.

Fortunately, the world’s leading consumer appliances manufacturer, Midea gives well-wishers a chance to express their love and support to the newly-weds— offering some gift ideas that would be definitely loved by the couple and would help them in building their homes. Couples usually get household items such as flatware and silverware as gifts while for friends and family members who want to give somethi…

Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day!!

Its Grandparents Day on  Sunday guys!
Do you already have gifts for Grandma and Grandpa?

It's our time to show how grateful and thankful we are to our lolo and Lola.

Gave our old ladies and old man a warm hug and kiss,don't forget to say thank you!!

Here are some of a nice gift idea that you can give to your grandparents

1.)  CARD
- you can buy one in a or you can make a personalized one.
  They still love and will be touch if they read your handwritten messages for them

- this is one of sweetest thing you can give to your grandparents. Grandma will surely love it.

3.)  CAKE
- homemade cake ,personalized cake ,cupcakes or just cake that you buy in a cake store will be one of the thing that our lolo and lola would
Love to receive. Celebration is not complete without a cake. .right?

4.) Personalized pillows, couple slippers , a couple mug
-  These things can be use by them everyday.
   For more things and gift ideas ,visit the Blue Magic Facebook page

5.) Family New Portr…