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A Gardenia Pocket Full of Thanks For The Man I Love

To have someone that  will always stay by your side is something that you should be thankful, that person that makes you feel that everything will be fine as long as you're together.

My husband, despite of his  busy schedule and workloads he never let the day pass without holding my hand.
Most of the time, I forget the importance of a simple gesture like holding your partner's hand and how it means so much in a relationship. I'm always thankful to the man who stood by me, who gaves me the courage to fight and to do things that I love. My husband who never fails to make me smile and laugh in his cute and corny jokes.

Early this morning , as soon as he entered the door. I walked straight to him and say Thank you, " thank you for everything hon, thank you for always holding my hand"

The way to man's heart is through his stomach, the newest pocket sandwich from Gardenia makes me sure that he won't skip a meal at work even on his busy schedule. The new Garden…

My Battle with Depression

"Life is not easy, not just for me but to anyone living and breathing"
Why do I feel so down? Why do I feel so sad? Why do I feel alone? Why do I feel so angry with little things?  Why am I like this? I feel so tired!
These are the questions I asked myself few years back. .
Let me tell you something about myself. .
I was an Overseas Filipino Worker in HongKong.I worked as a Domestic Helper who starts my day around 5 am and ends at 9 pm. Working as Domestic Helper is not easy, but I always tell myself that I'm doing this for our future.
Every Sunday I was able to meet my mom who is also working there,I was able to meet new friends and I was able to eat and buy things that I can't buy before .I was able to travel and visit other places like Macau, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

I'm too happy to buy new things ,eat the food I like with my own hard earned money.
I know what are my goals in life and I'm not afraid to follow my dreams.

But that was the past. 
After 7 years