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Maybank MOVE : Convenient and Hassle Free Banking Experience

Why hassle yourself by waiting in line with most of today's services if you can do it online? This is a usual thing that you'll hear from a millennial. Utilizing tehnology to its own convenience. who would want to wait in line to order food if you can do it in few taps, make payments without the need of physial money or cards, all of the convenience that most of us an now enjoy. What if I tell you that you can now open a new account without going physically in a bank. Last April, 9 Maybank, Asia's Leading banking Group and Southeast Asia's 4th the largest bank by assets successfully launched its newest product that will let  people enjoy and experience a fast and no hassle banking process with Maybank MOVE Maybank Philippines has 74 branches nationwide making it the most accessible foreign bank here in the Philippines. Now they are offering an optimized digital banking that willgive its future customers the flexibility of time and opportunities. M