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Light Up A Star Project Aims to Gives K-12 Students a Brighter Future

A star has been the guide of the 3 kings to get to Bethlehem, and just like the same star that guided them, we can be a guiding light for our students for them to have a brighter future. Light Up A Star Project is the annual campaign of Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotels Inc in cooperation with the  German Development Program, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit . This campaign aims to resource funds to help the  K-12 students of Laiya National HighSchool to have better lives. Ms. Simonette Gusi, Owner of  Acuatico Beach Resort Acuatico Beach Resorts provide training for HouseKeeping to make sure that they are properly well trained and will be one of the best Hotel and Resort Employees. As of now, there are 9 Grade-12 students and 6 Grade- 11 Students who are currently in training in Acuatico Beach Resort.  Some of them are assigned to housekeeping, food and beverage section and some are welcoming the guest at the front desk. . Mr. Marcel Haes