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Pak na Pak Uni- Pak Mackerel Egg Muffin + Giveaway

During the Holy Week, we make sure to cook anything like fish, seafoods, vegetable an no meat. Most of the Catholics will refrain from eating meat starting Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday. Maybe most of the market vendors are aware of this, that's why the price of the seafoods specially fish and vegetables are really expensive. I went out this afternoon, I was planning to buy some Milkfish and prepare Sinigang , A Filipino well known soup dish but I was so shocked that the price of 1 whole Milkfish is like same price of  beef and pork. I decided to buy some vegetables like chives, celery, mixed vegetables, eggs and went back home. Good thing that I have the easy open can Uni-Pak Mackerel, napakadaling buksan.This is also perfect to bring when you go out of town or camping. Mackerel contains high amount of Omega-3 fatty acid which help prevents cardiovascular disease and promote brain health. Kaya mga lovelies basta Mackerel dapat tatak Uni-Pak. I'm going t

Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Are Less Than 500 pesos + Giveaway

A mothers love is like a sunlight that  warms our hearts, A love that never gets tired nor bored A mothers love is simple like what other people think but then this love can destroy anything A mothers love is pure and innocent, Like a child inside her womb A mothers love can sometimes be tough Only to make sure that her child is on the right path Seasons might change, leaves will fall, the land will dry But a Mothers Love will remain the same since the day you were born by: lhourdes mercadero Mother's Day celebration will be few weeks from now. Do you have any gift ideas now that you would love to give to the woman who always make sure to stay beside us no matter the situation it is. When I was in High School I always think of buying something for my mom and grandma but since i only have an allowance which is Php 20 per day there's no chance i can buy something expensive for the two woman who never give up on me. But someone told me that

How To Make Summer More Fun with Bubbleman

Summer is vacation season, most of us are always outdoors and some of us stays indoor due to the heat, but one thing is for sure, while we stay home to enjoy our selves to the coldest summer drinks and food, dirty dishes also piles up in our kitchen. me and my daughter are always on a tandem in the kitchen, specially in cooking. and when it comes to cooking our favorite dishes, and as early as now, I also teach her household chores, I allow my daughter to help me in preparing dishes and at the same time, I also allow her to help me in washing plates and some utensils, this allows her to learn to be responsible and at the same time, it also gives us quality time to bond while doing the chores together. Aside from making sure that my daughter learns chores and become responsible, I also consider her safety, that is why I only choose the safe and best kitchen buddies. and when it comes to dishwashing liquid, I only chose Bubbleman Dishwashing liquid, a lot of dishwashing liquids

A Jolly Peach Dessert Perfect For The Hot Weather

When the temperature reach 41 degree Celsius . The first thing that will comes in your mind is to eat something cold. Some of us will open the freezer and look for a dessert like Ice Cream or any frozen fruits but what if there's no ice cream and no frozen fruits. With that kind of temperature some or most of us wont like to go out just to buy the dessert. At times like this its either I'm craving for some Halo-Halo, Mais Con Yelo or a Bingsu. Bingsu are too expensive in a Korean store or cafe. But now you can make a Bingsu at home not as silky as snow but it will be totally refreshing. Jolly Shaved Ice with Peaches Ingredients: 1 can of Jolly Peaches Halves ( cut into cube sizes ) 1 can of Jolly Cow Condensed milk 1 can of Jolly Coconut milk 1 tbsp of white sugar 1 can of Jolly Fresh  milk Procedure: 1. In a medium size bowl put in the Jolly Cow Condensed milk,Jolly Coconut Milk, Jolly Fresh          Milk and lastly the Sugar. Make sure to mix

Artistic Summer at the Art Karnival in Sky Garden SM North Edsa

Make summer more fun and unique with art at SM North Edsa as they kick off with a colorful world of fun in Art Karnival. This is not only for people who appreciates arts.This is going to be a big hit for kids and family to enjoy a different thing this summer. The Sky Garden was decorated with colorful arts and they also installed a fresh art .It's going to be an artistic summer for everyone at the Art Karnival. You can get a chance to design your own wooden doll for FREE, yes!you read it right that's absolutely free and you will also have a one on one session with the artist of vinyl on vinyl. Photo by Joey Tibayan-Bayan Vinyl on Vinyl is one of the Manila's Contemporary art gallery. SM North Edsa also supports our young Filipino talented artist like Anjo Bolarda, Bato, Blic, Garapata, Jeffrey Jay Jarin, Tyang Karyel, VOV Studio and Whoop. Tyang Karyel's piece. Photo taken by Ms.Joey Tibayan- Bayan This initiative by SM North Edsa is

SM Southmall Celebrates Madrid Fusion with Quesadilla Fiesta

Last April 8, 2017, In celebration of  Madrid Fusion Manila "Fusion Flavors" Sm Southmall joins the celebration of the biggest culinary event with a grand Quesadilla Fiesta. In partnership with local fusion Bocadillos , the celebration features over one thousand slices of quesadilla to form one giant serving of everyone's favorite cheese and tortilla dish. The event was open to the public last April 8, Saturday around 2 pm at the SM Southmall event center. The celebration features a two-day food fair from April 8-9 at the same venue, where in participating tenants competed against each other for the title of BEST DISH. Shopper and patrons with a minimum of Php1000 single or accumulated , from SM Southmall store, got the chance to taste the restaurant featured dish for the celebration.Shoppers also voted for their favorite dish. The gastronomic celebration also showcase culinary demonstrations featuring Four Seasons, Bocadillos and Eduardo Peri-Per

Happy Easter Moment at SM City Sucat

Hi lovelies! Happy Easter Sunday to all of you mommies and daddies.Yes! I'm  also happy to know that I have readers that are daddies. Easter is also called Resurrection Sunday or Pascha in Greek/Latin, it's a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead that's why Easter Sunday symbolize a new beginning and hope.Did you notice colorful design in malls,stores and other establishment.This holiday put a smile in everyone's face. A lot of eggs will be painted and children will have fun looking for it. Easter Sunday is one of my favorite holiday when I was a child, i get excited thinking that every colorful egg that i'll find has a surprise gift inside  like chocolates and candies. Today we celebrate the Easter Sunday by visiting the nearest mall in our place SM City Sucat which is a few minutes drive only from our place. As a parent, I like my daughter to know what is this Easter Sunday are all about.I explain to her the importance of the Lenten

Kids Fair Bright! Right from the Start! 2017 Giveaway Winners

Hi lovelies, mommies and daddies! Yes, at last I'm going to announce the 10 winners of tickets for the Kids Fair Bright! Right from the Start! Event in SM Megatrade Hall 1 on April 21-23, 2017 from 10:00 am- 7:00 pm. Winner Mommies and Daddies can bring their kids. Actually this event is perfect bonding moment for family. That's why. . you can bring the whole family!! This is going to be a fun and learning event not only for kids also parents and grandparents will be enjoying at the Kids Fair 2017. Winners for Kids Fair PH 2017 Tickets Congratulations to. . . 1. ROXANNE CABILE NONTIERRO 2. ARLENE OBOQUIN 3. RACHELLE ANNE SIANSON 4. MELDY NATIVIDAD 5. JOANA BILOG 6. JANINA TUAZON 7. ANNA CYRILLE OLIVEROS 8. SHIELBY CO 9. CHAREN VINAS 10. ROMELEN B.SOLIS Reminder: WINNERS can bring their family at the Kids Fair. Please bring a valid Id for identification purpose. Kindly comment which day to you prefer to

5 Best-Seller Ice Candy Flavors That Let Your Kid Sells This Summer

Why people love ice candy? It is because ice candy is very refreshing and cheap! In fact, it is very easy to sell even in your neighborhood! Ice candy is a very common treat for Pinoy, especially in summer. It has a powerful magic that makes the hot weather go away instantly (aside swimming of course). It is very easy to make, and kids can make it too. You can teach your children how to make some and how to sell it on the market. This summer is the perfect time to let them earn money on their own, so they will know how to value it. They can also use that money to invest on their self like enrolling in summer classes from Mommy Blogger Pehpot ’s list of summer activities for kids. They can learn how to make and sell ice candy, and at the same time, they can provide for their summer self-enhancement! So to begin with, there are three types homemade of ice candy: a.       Instant juices or instant powdered premixes ice candy It is the easiest type of ice candy. You ju

Nutri 10 Plus, Vitamins Perfect For Child's Growing Needs

Summer is already here. The temperature last week was 34°c and its getting hotter everyday. We have to open our windows to make sure that we won't get suffocated because of the heat. Summer is also the season of flu, bacteria that can cause cough and build up of phlegm. Kids should always be geared with proper protection. Their body needs protection from harmful diseases. That's why I was so thankful that I used Nutri 10 vitamins for my Chelsea. This is the kind of vitamins that she really need. For sure most of you know that Chelsea is a picky eater. She only eat if we have Sinigang or gravy that she put in her steamed rice. After taking Nutri 10 for almost a month now. I noticed some changes in her appetite and daily routine.  Before, Chelsea stays up until 2 am and wakes up around 11 am. Thankfully that routine changed and she also started to eat vegetables. As a mom I'm always worried because I know that she is not getting the right nutrients that her

GoWell Sun Life and Fitness First Partnership Aims To Help Filipinos Achieve A Healthy and Active Lifestyle

April 5, 2017, Manila Sun Life Financial announced their partnership with the premiere health club Fitness First to help more Filipinos get on track with their health and wellness goals through the GoWell program. GoWell is Sun Life's health and wellness community that promotes holistic wellness through a fit and active lifestyle, eating healthy, and living a balanced life. Its website , offers fitness and wellness content with articles from experts; while community workouts and fitness classes are also offered to its members. There will be group of classes at selected​ Fitness First branches here in the Philippines which GoWell Gold members can get it for free and all the attendees will receive token. To know more or to be updated on the GoWell upcoming class just visit the GoWell community. Ms.Riza Mantaring Sun Life Philippines President Community Workouts will also be mounted jointly by Sun Life GoWell and Fitness Fir