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My Birthday -A Day Full of Happiness

Saturday Oct.02,2016 Im very thankful to our Lord for this day,for every blessing I received.Thankful sa isang taon uli na binigay Nya sa akin. How did I start my day?? Woke up so early than the usual . .haha! Its my day!! Happy Birthday to me! Did my morning skin ritual,had my coffee while checking messages and emails. Chelsea is still sleeping. Went to the bathroom to take a shower in that cold weather. My shoulder is still ache. I'm not sure if its a muscle pain or much worst.Been like that for almost a month. I was planning not to go out that day even its my special day. Mike came home from work,holding a box in his right hand. . its a cake!! The Cake  Candles represents the 1st digit of my age  I really like the taste of this cake.Viola! In just few minutes its all gone! It was the first time that I decided not cook anything  for my birthday. I just like to have a simple lunch or dinner outside  but change my mind and asked MIke that I just l

PoshNails Hand and Foot Spa Experience

Last Sunday ,me and my husband decided to go out and relax a bit.  So we ended up going to PoshNails at SM Mall Of Asia. I really like to reward ourselves after a long and  stressful week.  Me and my daughter Chelsea enjoyed taking our photos while waiting for the person who will assist us. I really like the color and interior of this place.  The ambiance is so relaxing  or is t because I both love the color pink and purple. The color combination is so nice.           Its been a long time since I had my foot have some pampering time. So I will enjoy it no matter what.            The staff use a Scrub in my legs and feet then she massage it. Promise its very relaxing ,I almost fell asleep.           Just for everyone to know I usually do bodyscrub once a week because it exfoliate ,remove dead akin and makes the skin smooth .         That's scrub and the massage  is the best part of this pampering time.                I really like the n