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Anti Trafficking OFW Movement (ATOM) to Fight Modern Day Slavery

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 A media launch was held at Golden Bay Restaurant in Pasay city for the oath taking event that will happen on October 23, 2017, at the Diamond Hotel, Manila. Anti Trafficking OFW Movement ( ATOM ) will fight modern day slavery. Buhay OFW  one of the multi- awarded public service show, which airs every Sat at 9:30 pm at Aksyon TV and Aksyon International will celebrate its 7th year anniversary. With this in mind, they are launching the project Anti Trafficking OFW Movement  (ATOM )  through the initiative of host and founder, Ms. Marissa del Mar. ATOM is one of the steps towards remedying the sex trafficking and forced labor worldwide involving a statistics of over 10 million Filipino men, women, and children. Common Destinations For Victims .Hong Kong .Kuwait .Singapore .Qatar .China .Japan .United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) .Malaysia These victims are large numbers of whom originated from areas; Metro Manila Laguna Rizal Pampanga Cavite B