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Make your child's birthday memorable with Jollibee Hello Kitty Fun Carnival

When I was a kid, I really look forward to my birthday celebration because I know that my friends and family will be there to celebrate with me. now that I have my daughter, I wanted her to experience the same excitement that I have on her own birthday celebration, and to make your Lille one's celebration more lovely and memorable, Jollibee has their newest and cutest addition to their Jollibee kids Party themes which is the Hello Kitty Fun Carnival. Inspired by the sweet and beloved kawaii character which my daughter really loves, this theme comes complete with langhap-sarap food, games and entertainment, awesome prize and party favors, and a delectable cake. Wow!  that's a jam-packed offer!, not only your little one will enjoy the carnival-inspired decorations, games, activities and production number and they will surely remember and treasure the best moments that they will have with you and their friends with their Hello Kitty Fun Carnival themed Part

My Birthday -A Day Full of Happiness

Saturday Oct.02,2016 Im very thankful to our Lord for this day,for every blessing I received.Thankful sa isang taon uli na binigay Nya sa akin. How did I start my day?? Woke up so early than the usual . .haha! Its my day!! Happy Birthday to me! Did my morning skin ritual,had my coffee while checking messages and emails. Chelsea is still sleeping. Went to the bathroom to take a shower in that cold weather. My shoulder is still ache. I'm not sure if its a muscle pain or much worst.Been like that for almost a month. I was planning not to go out that day even its my special day. Mike came home from work,holding a box in his right hand. . its a cake!! The Cake  Candles represents the 1st digit of my age  I really like the taste of this cake.Viola! In just few minutes its all gone! It was the first time that I decided not cook anything  for my birthday. I just like to have a simple lunch or dinner outside  but change my mind and asked MIke that I just l