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JOHNSON'S Celebrates Its 125th Year with Series of Special Activities

Mothers love is like a sunlight that  warms our hearts, A love that never gets tired nor bored Mothers love is simple like what other people think but then this love can destroy anything Mothers love is pure and innocent, Like a child inside her womb Mothers love can sometimes be tough Only to make sure that her child is on the right path Seasons might change, leaves will fall, the land will dry But a Mothers Love will remain the same since the day you were born - lhourdes mercadero JOHNSON'S products has always been a part of our family, I still remember my grandmother buying baby powder for me and my aunts, from baby oil, baby soap to shampoos and colognes, Johnson's got us covered. From every generation  until today, I still use Johnson's Products for my daughter. JOHNSON’S® has been pioneering and setting global standards in baby skin care for families globally since many can remember. This year marks a special milestone as JOHNSON’S®

Novuhair Salutes All Women

In celebration of International Women’s Month this March, Nutramedica Inc., encourages women to speak their mind and know their rights. Be it in society or otherwise, women have excelled over the years, creating a sense of socio-equality that every female across the globe shall be proud of. This years’ theme is “Be bold for change” , a very subjective manner of approach to the present era where women are called to lead and influence. Novuhair calls for the same thrust. Novuhair empowers the female population by improving their appearance thru self-help ideas on social media. Channeling their self-esteem and confidence to exude. Nutramedica Inc. itself is being led by a formidable woman, Sheila Mae Velilla, CEO & President. Ms. Velilla built the company from scratch, exerting much effort in product development and exemplary business & marketing acumen. Founded in 2004, Nutramedica was one of the first companies to market virgin coconut oil (VCO) in the Philippines

Love and Protect Your Hair with NOVUHAIR

Our hair also needs attention and love. Its the crowning glory of every women. We should know how to properly protect it to make it more healthy and beautiful. At times when people sees us too stressed out either at work or going through our personal lives, We would be advised to calm down and “Let our hair down”, this idiom’s meaning is to allow yourself to behave much more freely than usual and enjoy yourself. To give us much more reason to be carefree, we must be confident on how we look and feel. Take time to take care of your appearance and take extra attention to your hair. Hair is considered as our crowning glory, hence, it is pertinent that we start with it. Here are a few tips in maintaining a healthy hair. • Observe good hygiene all the time – regularly wash your hair to remove dirt and grimes. • Be extra careful whenever combing your wet hai r – your hair is vulnerable to breakage during this period. • Use towel to dry off your hair after shower – Using ha

Know the Several Factors That Can Cause Hair loss

A few months ago, I notice  that my hair becomes so dry and  i  found  a lot of hair in our bathroom after I showered. Every time  I comb my hair  there are few strands of hair on it. I  worried and decided to buy stuff like shampoo and conditioner that promises to treat hair loss but nothing works out for me  Later, I realize that the best way to  treat it is to know what is the cause of it. Other than your face, your hair is one of the first thing that other people notices, this very reason is why most people take extra effort in caring for their mane, but are you doing enough? A hair salon is one of the usual places that a person would go to whenever they need to have their hair fixed, this is typical if you just need a relief from a bad hair day or to mend your split ends. What if your hair needs a more extensive solution such as for your hair loss? Several factors can cause hair loss and understanding your lifestyle pattern may help remedy your condition. •