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Upgrade your homemade Halloween goodies

The spookiest night of the year is coming up! Soon it’ll be time to slip on fun costumes and hand out all kinds of treats to the kid-sized ghouls, goblins, and ghosts who will come trick-or-treating. Children adore Halloween, the one day of the year famous for its connection to candy and every sweet treat imaginable. But all that sugar isn’t very good for them, and it’s a challenge for parents to come up with tasty treats that are as creepy (or creepier!) than mass-produced chocolate eyeballs and gummy monsters. It’s not impossible, though, to produce treats that are wholesome, tasty, and still thrillingly Halloween-y! One such parent is self-professed travel enthusiast, foodie, and writer Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi. As a mother of two young children, she recognizes that her boys should enjoy the thrill of Halloween just like all the other kids, but also knows that curbing their sweet intake during this candy-crazed holiday is also important. To strike a balance between treats