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King Sue Provides Premium Quality Christmas Ham

Christmas in the Philippines is more special than anywhere in the world. It is the time of the year that most of us Filipinos allot for our family. From years of tradition passed to every generation. Preparation starts as early as September, you'll hear Christmas songs playing from radio stations to malls and other places, people start to put up their decorations, preparing for the most awaited holiday. Imagine tourists amazement with all the preparations that the locals made, alloting more than the last quarter of their year preparing for Christmas. Of course, Family has always played an important part for this season, so family gatherings, catching up with old friends and a lot more reason. And for this particular season, the highlight will always be the Christmas ham, a tradition King Sue Ham & Sausage Co. Inc. understands very well. How King Sue started : Its founder, Mr. Cu Un Kay, came to Manila from China as a 12-year-old on board a vessel. Even at a you

My Christmas Holiday Ham Dishes

Christmas season is fast approaching.You can hear Christmas songs playing, Beautiful Lanterns,Houses with Christmas Decorations and Christmas Hams are starting to pop out in Grocery Stores Speaking of Ham! How do you serve your Christmas Ham during Christmas?  Here is what I did with my Christmas Holiday Ham last year.   Creamy Carbonara Pasta with Ham and Zucchini   Garden Salad Bowl  Ham,Cheese and Avocado wrapped in Lettuce Crispy Christmas Ball was a sure hit for my family  while waiting New Year 2016.Its a combination of healthy veg, yummy HolidayHam and Danes Cheese that was dip in Rice Vermicelli to give an extra crunch and crisp with Hot Cheese Mayo for dipping. Christmas will always be special because of my Shrimp and Holiday Ham Croquette.     Ham,Cheese,Pineapple and          Lettuce  Kebab                                 How about you guys?  Care to share some tips or your unique recipe using your Christmas Ham.