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Chicken Ginger Soup ( Tinolang Manok )

Ginger Chicken Soup is mostly serve during Cold and rainy season because it can help our body and tummy to feel warm .  Do you also know ,that  Chicken Ginger Soup is the first dish to serve for women who just gave birth and lactating mostly in provinces even now in the cities, because its very nutritious and will help to bring back their energy. In most provinces they use native chicken and malunggay leaves instead of chili leaves( dahon ng sili ) It is also serve when one of the member family is not feeling well ,have fever and colds . CHICKEN GINGER SOUP INGREDIENTS 2 pcs. of onion 2 pcs. Medium size Chayote (Sayote )   Ginger   Chili leaves   1/2 kl. of  Fresh Chicken Note : You also need salt and 1 liter  water and 2 Knorr Chicken Broth Cubes PROCEDURE Saute onion and ginger until fragrant Add the chicken When you notice that the chicken meat becomes white ,add the sayote