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Kenny Rogers Roasters’ 3rd Farmvocacy Program offers support to schools through Urban Farmers PH

  Food becomes even more enjoyable and meaningful when it’s prepared with compassion and support for others. This is the aim of Kenny Rogers Roasters as it held its third Farmvocacy Program. Rooted on its message, “Eat Healthy, Help Greatly,” the program fosters a farm-to-table approach where every purchase of Kenny Rogers Roasters’ selected menu item provides support to local farmers. On its third year, the program selected its well-loved Chimichurri Roast, whose ingredients are sourced locally, as the featured dish. Early this year, customers who ordered the Chimichurri Roast Solo Plate, through dine-in, takeout or delivery, also helped Kenny Rogers support Urban Farmers PH – an organization that nurtures unused public spaces, inviting people to discover that farming is enjoyable, doable, and transferrable. For every purchase of Chimichurri Roast, a portion was donated to Urban Farmers PH.   Through the Farmvocacy Program, the roast chicken restaurant chain has accumulated a

Jollibee Cheesy Yumburger: Now Comes in Double

  It’s official! Jollibee’s Cheesy Yumburger has once again taken the fast-food scene by storm, now championed by the rising P-Pop group, BINI. Dubbed as the cheesiest, beefiest, and best-tasting cheeseburger by the trending OPM sensation, it's not just about flavor; it’s about a lifestyle choice that keeps up with today's generation, one that never settles for less than the best. It's about being at the top of their game, something that Jollibee and BINI always strive to be. Double the Patty, Double the Joy The Cheesy Yumburger isn't your average cheeseburger. Its secret? A perfectly seasoned beef patty paired with a creamy slice of cheese, hugged by soft and fresh buns. It’s this simple yet timeless combination that makes the Cheesy Yumburger a standout—a cheeseburger that’s all about hitting the right notes of taste and satisfaction. Best of all, Jollibee is now introducing the Double Cheesy Yumburger, the same Cheesy Yumburger you know and love, but double the patt

BINI Joins Jollibee as New Faces for Cheesy Yumburger

     Get ready, Blooms and burger lovers! Jollibee, the #1 chart-leader in Filipino fast food, is thrilled to announce the 8-member girl group and rising P-Pop sensation, BINI, as its latest brand ambassadors. Known for their electrifying energy and authentic vibe representing today's generation, BINI is set to bring a fresh flair to Jollibee as the new faces behind the Cheesy Yumburger. BINI: Bringing P-Pop to Jollibee’s Cheesy Yumburger Since their explosive debut, BINI has quickly captured hearts and playlists with their infectious tunes, viral dances, and empowering messages. Now, they're ready to conquer taste buds with Jollibee, infusing the fast food brand with their own signature style. Their mission? To share their love for the brand and its cheesiest, beefiest, best-tasting Cheesy Yumburger, which is without a doubt a must-try for everyone who craves a blend of top-notch cheesy and beefy taste. It’s All About the Vibe “Siyempre na-excite talaga kami when we found out

Elevate your sleep sanctuary with Home Bless 5A BedTech,where comfort meets technology

  Your home is your haven, a sanctuary where comfort and cleanliness should greet you every day. Creating a space that feels both inviting and serene is essential for your well-being. Home textile brand Home Bless understands this need and offers stylish yet sustainable textiles designed to elevate your living spaces. With Home Bless, you can envelop yourself in timeless beauty, unmatched quality, and cutting-edge technology, transforming the bedroom into a place of peace and comfort. Home Bless products are ideal for anyone looking to make their living spaces truly their own. Whether you're a young adult setting up your first home or a family looking to refresh your decor, Home Bless provides an experience that makes you feel cherished. Home Bless products are designed to help you create an environment that is stylish, comfortable, and equally welcoming. At the heart of Home Bless’s offerings is their product linecrafted with 5A BedTech, which reflects the brand’s passion for heal