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Wyeth Nutrition Promotes Healthier Living with Promil Organic

According to surveys, the global organic food and beverage market is expected to reach USD 211.44 billion by 2020. More people are realizing the benefits of organic consumption and that they can still meet their daily dietary needs. With this being said, It's no surprise that going organic has multiple benefits that help us lead more healthy lives. Taking the more natural approach or 'going green' has even been proven to help conserve the environment and improve the lives of farmers. Indeed, the organic lifestyle is steadily increasing in popularity among more Filipinos. With the wide variety of organic produce, you can buy products from rice to dairy that has been produced in an organic way. With the recent launch of an organic milk brand in the market, Filipino moms now have the option to provide their children with better nutrition that will help develop their minds and bodies. Just recently Wyeth debuted the new Promil Organic in a fun-filled and informa