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Spaghetti with Spicy Cheesy Meatballs

Who loves MeatBalls???My family love to eat Spaghetti and Meat balls. But how about a Spicy Meatballs.Have you tried it before? Im going to share it  with you.Hope you like it Spaghetti with Spicy Meatballs Meat balls 1/4 ground pork 1/4 ground beed 1tsp onion powder 1 medium size egg 1 tsp sage 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp chili powder breadcrumbs Salt Pepper Cheese ( Mozzarella) Pasta . 500 grms Spaghetti Pasta Salt Water Sauce: 1 Onion 3 Cloves Garlic 1 pc carrot 1 pc bell pepper 1 can button mushroom chopped 1 Can tomato Sauce 4 Pcs ripe tomatoes Laurel Leaf Salt Pepper Brown Sugar ( Optional) Procedure: *Boil water,add salt Cook pasta for 8 minutes. * Mixed all the ingredients for the meatballs, make sure its not to dry. * Put some oil to the pan,once thw already hot add the meatballs until its golden brown.Set Aside Sauce; *Saute onions,add garlic when the onion is already become soft and transparent.Add the tomatoes.Wait until the jui

Pineapple juice is good for coughs and Colds

Not feeling well since lastnight.Ive ben sneezing and coughing and have difficulty in breathing.Im not the person who likes to take medicine because I feel sick. As of now i have fever and colds. What I always do is to drink Lemon Water or Pineapple Juice.I don' t hAve Fresh Pineapple in the fridge,its good that i have #DolePineappleJuice in my Cabinet. I feel much bettser now.  Some Benefits of.drinking Pineapple.Juice 1.) Pineapple have  Bromelain, it has been found to help suppress coughs and loosen mucus. 2.) It can help your teeth becomes more stronger 3.) It can reduce imflammation and swelling 4.) It can also reduces Blood Cloth 5.) Fresh pineapple juice also aids in removing intestinal worms. missydhess Source:

Persimmons and Reduce the Sign of Aging

What is one of your favorite fruit? Does anyone of you like the taste of Persimmon? I started eating Persimmon I think that was 2008 when i was in HongKong. For some reason i begin to like the taste of it.I  bought it for 5HKD for 5 pcs,its more cheaper when its already very ripe at that time. Now you can buy Persimmon in some Supermarket. I think its because I like watching Korean TV Series and Korean Movies that s why i begun to that fruit. So what are the benefits of eating this fruit? Health Benefits of  Persimmons - including theirability to improve eye           health, - reduce signs of aging, - prevent various types of cancer, - improve digestion, -boost your immune system, - lower cholesterol, -increase your metabolism, - strengthen your bones - boost cognitive function -lower blood pressure - take care of your skin. -It can help your body heal faster, aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation throughout the body. missydhess