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Porky Pit, Lechon Wrap To Go

Lechon is very well-known and favorite to every Filipino gathering such as birthday, festival, and even in reunion. But we have to admit that it's very rare or hard to find here in Manila the Lechon that really taste like the Cebu Lechon. I've been to other places and restaurant, I've tried other Lechon as well but nothing can compare the original taste of the well-known Cebu Lechon. Not until I was invited to try this new thing in town, The Porky Pit. Porky Pit is the new brand of Diancia Trading Inc. that will engage a business using the best part of our favorite Lechon which is the "Lechon Belly "There concept is " Cebu Lechon on the go" Lechon in Shawarma. This new concept aims to give more Filipinos to enjoy Lechon not just during gathering but they can have anytime and whenever they want it to be. Trivia: Porky Pit means " Pork " meat and "Pit " means area reserve. One of the reasons why I started to like Po

TKM Giveaway 2017, Share The Love This Christmas

Christmas is the season of love. It is one favorite time of the year aside from my family's birthday and my birthday. I'm sharing the love this Christmas by giving Php 7000 worth of prizes for the TKM Giveaway 2017. I feel so blessed to have followers and readers who keep on supporting and still continues to visit the blog. I feel so blessed to received opportunities which makes me more eager to write more articles that might be helpful to anyone who reads it.Sharing this Christmas is one of the things that TKM will continue to do every year. I won't make this long. I want to show how thankful I am to you lovelies. That's why I'm giving a box full of goodies, food gcs and more. Check out the mechanics below. TKM GIVEAWAY 2017 " Share the Love this Christmas " I'm giving away Php 7000 worth of prizes Prizes: 1 winner of the goodie box 1 winner of  Aisarap Express Gift Certificate worth Php 1000 1 winner of SvelTi Gift Certifica