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Doña Elena Healthy Holiday Recipes and Newest product Doña Elena Tuna in Sunflower Oil

Cooking is my passion. I don't have the proper training or diploma in Culinary Arts but I always make sure to watch cooking demos or attend a free cooking class in our area. Since Holiday season is fast approaching I like to prepare delicious but healthy dishes for my family. That's why I was so greatful and honored to be invited in The Doña Elena Holiday Bash was held at The Cookery Place in BGC,Taguig. Doña Elena  products is one of my trusted kitchen buddies,so I'm really excited learn new healthy recipes. Chef DJ Santos is one of the well-known chef right now.He graduated in a prestigious culinary school here in the Philippines. Learned from him the proper handling of knife,basic knife skills and ofcoirse the healthy holiday recipes using Doña Elena products Chef DJ Santos Many people treat the Yuletide season not only as a vacation from work but also a break from healthy living. Who could resist those tempting Noche Buena favorites durin