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Why fathers should play an active role in raising Champions

  The present situation has opened the door for fathers to play a more vital role in their child’s growth and development. With them spending a lot more time at home than ever before, dads can now share the load in running the household with their partners. Research has shown that parent-child interactions in the early ages can lead to more positive cognitive and socio-emotional benefits and more are recognizing the unique benefits of father-child play. Former MILO champion Japoy Lizardo has taken this trend to heart as a father to his sons Jace and Jevi. In celebration of Father’s Day, he offers his tips and advice for dads to help them be more involved and take a more active role in caring for their children. First and foremost is the need to be as resourceful and creative as he can to take care of his kids’ physical health. “Ngayon mas kailangan maging creative and resourceful para sa mga activities ng mga kids. Unlike before na pupunta lang kayo sa park at maglalaro o pupunta lang

Father’s Day celebrationwith the New Red Ribbon Online Store and ReGALO e-Gift Card

  Dads are known as the providers of the family, the ‘pillar of the home’. While they’re usually the ones who go out to work to earn a living, they always make time to bond and share fun and delightful moments with their wife and kids. With the ongoing pandemic still forcing most of us to stay at home, dads have had to expand their roles and skills like learning new recipes and cooking, taking up hobbies to bond with their kids, and doing DIY projects to redecorate their house—they do these and so much more while juggling work-from-home duties. This just shows that no matter how stressful things can get, they still constantly find ways to show their love and dedication to their families. Indeed, each day is an opportunity to show gratitude for dads, but a timely message that’s often left out is “I’m proud of you, dad!” With Father’s Day drawing near, there’s nothing more special—and endearing—than expressing this heartfelt thought with any of Red Ribbon’s delectable cakes and pastries