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Mister Donut Unboxes A New Kind of Fun in Manila

Last June 23, 2016, Metro Manila experienced new treats and surprises from Mister Donut within all shops in the city, surprising promos was offered and launched on this day, there were FREE donuts that were given away at certain areas within the city like bus terminals or even at specific offices. I was glad to be a part of the said event in which free donuts were given away in P2P Buses and I was able to see all the smiles from all the passengers with their free donuts, the entire bus ride was filled with happiness from all ages, a very amazing way to uplift and make someone smile, only from Mister Donut. Mister Donut has been delighting customers in Manila for more than 2 decades now, it has became part of the list of the local favorites for the usual "pasalubong" that you can grab from their terminal or town mall branches, or for a quick afternoon merienda at the dine-in branches. It is already a part of fun, eating habits. I remember my grandmother bring