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A Night to Remember at Planas Pantry

Some people are intimated when it comes to interior and design of a certain place or establishment, like a restaurant or a coffee shop. My husband and I are not introverts but we are easily intimidated by the ambiance and aura of a place. There are few restaurant that we visited that we feel comfortable and relaxed when we dine, one of them is Planas Pantry, not only this restaurant is affordable but as well you can notice the feel at home feeling, perfect for a family meal or get together with friends. The place is neatly arranged with a very light ambiance. The staff are polite and welcoming, considering the service is fast and can be compared to a fine dining experience with a feel at home twist. Another thing is they do not charge service fee but with the exceptionally fast and polite staff, You won't hesitate of giving a generous tip to the staff. How about the food and price?  Hickory Barbeque Ribs   A flavourful combination of herbs played a great

Prepare for 2017 Back to School with Cool Kids and Help Save the Environment

Hi lovelies! Can't believe that it's already March and soon the 2016 class will soon end. That means 2017 School Year is soon to start. As the new school year start this is the time that most of us moms are really thinking of our budget, Tuition fees. With this being said, school supplies is on the top of our list. We all know that School bags and other school materials are so pricey before the school year start. With this, its either we buy those expensive things or just buy the cheaper one that will only last for few weeks and not good to the environment. But the good news is, The Kitchen Mom found this new line of brand called COOL KIDS Cool Kids is a new line of affordable bags  but with good quality school bags that features different characters of the Cool Kids friends Royal Princesses, Game Girls, Forest Fairies , Viron Transformer, Earth ( Geobot ), Air ( Aerobot ) and Water ( Aquaboth) robots and Space Rangers. Fashion Bag This bags is f