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Mia Mason Odour Away: Eliminates Pesky Odor in your home

For our family, the weekend means spending more time with the family. We do the household chores together, cook our food. We believe that we don’t need to go on expensive trips or go to a fine-dining restaurant to make our bonding moment more special. I’m a Stay at Home Working mom for almost 8 years now. I usually do all the household chores, family management, and everything but we decided to do something different, we decided to give our kids some small task like changing the towels, do their bed, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor during weekends. I also allowed them to say their ideas on what we need to buy in the house because my husband and I think that by doing this we create a strong bond and connections. There are weeks that we do visit the nearest mall in our area. There is a store that Chelsea would love to stay for a few minutes, she said that smell coming from that store is nice and it would be great to have the same scent at home. She even told me that “ gr