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5 Shocking Truths about Xander's Diners

Xander's Diner is one of the first diners in Las Piñas City. The store is located in Alabang Zapote Road just across StarMall or Vista Mall. What did I found out after we dine in. Know the 5 Shocking Truths about Xander's Diner and why regular customers keeps coming back. 1. Its not as expensive as like what other people think - Everytime we buy our stuff in Starmall just across Xander's Diners , we always pass by this diner. At first, I thought that the food could be as expensive like other well known diners or burger house. I was totally wrong!, when we tried the food that they serve, it was cheaper in which the food price ranges from P50 - P300, a great deal without burning your cash. 2. They have the best milkshakes I remember when milkshakes became a hit, there were restaurants who offer their different versions​ of milkshakes, some placed donuts, sprinkles, chocolate bars, and almost all the sweet stuff that you can think of, but the shake