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Glowing Skin and Business Opportunity with Niks Skin

Admit it or not, staying at home for the past few months did not give us a lot of opportunities to relax or even take care of ourselves due to stress over the pandemic or work, but what if you can take care of your skin and also earn extra income? I have recently known about NIKS SKIN, the newest and one of the fastest-rising local skincare brands in the Philippines and was founded by Nicole Ablan creator of Lily's Touch Miracle Cream that gained recognition here and abroad. Ms.Ablan wants to empower more Filipinos despite the situation that we have right now. to help our kababayans achieve healthy glowing skin while giving them the opportunity to earn amidst the pandemic.  There is no better way of giving feedback on a product than trying it myself, so after a month of using NIKS SKIN, I noticed that my face has lesser acne breakouts and the dark spots on my face has been lighter, after a week of use and has been clearer after using for almost a month.  Starting with the Niks Ski

Filipinos proved to be the guiding light in the time of COVID

In the darkness, we see light. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to see the brightness of everyone who in their own little ways tried to bring hope and smile to our brave Frontliners and volunteers. The Organizations, Companies, and Individuals working together to lessen the burdens of our fellow Kababayans served as a ray of hope to a lot of us and inspired us to share whatever blessings that we have.The last few months were indeed challenging not only for us here in the Philippines but globally.  As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects that completely altered the normalcy we used to know, almost everyone feels that they are in the dark and without hope. SkinWhite, a pioneering whitening brand stood out by bringing light not just to whiten skin but to bring the light of hope to everyone through its #BeTheLight campaign.  This envisioned to champion togetherness with everyone, either by group or individual, to be the beacons of light in these trying times.

Look your best with these beauty tweaks

As part of the new normal, many people are now working from home, sitting in front of computers for most of the day. However, there are some who need to be in online meetings—client calls, pitch presentations, team conference updates, and virtual catch-ups with colleagues—as part of their work. So, what’s a girl got to do? Amp up her looks a little and be her most confident self, even on video calls. One way to achieve this is to apply just the right amount of makeup. Here are a few tricks to tune up one’s looks for a work meeting (or even online after-work get-togethers with friends). Start your day with a morning skincare routine A simple key to staying motivated all day is to feel good, especially during the morning. After washing your face, apply moisturizer and sunscreen (yes, even computer and phone screens emit UV rays!), and give your skin the extra care it needs. Apply concealer Cover your dark spots and brighten up under eyes with a concealer for a natur

Oilatum's ProtectKnowlogy Bath Time Summit

Your little one's skin is more sensitive and prone to damage, and with the changing weather, it becomes more challenging to take care of their skin as too much heat and cold weather can make your child's skin dry that can lead to skin irritation and allergies, more reason that we need to give them skin protection. This same reason is why Oilatum, a globally trusted skincare brand, has recently launched ProtectKnowlogy Bath Time Summit to empower mothers to show their love through healthy skin. This summit is part of STADA's game plan to help improve healthcare in the Philippines by providing quality products to the Filipinos such as Oilatum. 'With Oilatum, we believe that high-quality skincare for toddlers is within reach. We know this would be great news to Filipino moms, and, as the brand promise says, another amazing way to show their love to their child's shared Mr. Gary Clark, APAC Regional Head of STADA. Held last February 6, Thursday at Shangri-la

Benefits of Grapeseed Oil For Your Skin

Grapeseed oil is a byproduct of the wine-making process that plays a central role in natural skin care. This high-linoleic oil extracted from the seeds of grapes is rich in omega-6 fatty acid, which helps to rebuild healthy skin cell barriers. Along with the best organic face wash , regular use of grapeseed oil may improve the ability of skin to retain a healthy level of moisture. Here are several benefits of applying grapeseed oil topically after cleansing or using products that contain this oil to use as part of an organic acne treatment . Evens Skin Tone Grapeseed oil contains proanthrocyanidin, a naturally occurring polyphenol compound that can reduce the appearance of skin discoloration or scarring over time. The smoothing effects of this oil can also be attributed to the high levels of phytosterols found in the membranes of plant cells. Grape seeds are also rich sources of antioxidants such as polyphenol resveratrol and vitamin E. WIth regular use, existing damage ma

Cetaphil Baby: The perfect product for babies gentle skin

Babies skin are really soft and delicate. That's why mother's like us should be careful with the product that we use for our  babies. Some babies become irritable and cranky because of some skin irritation. Maybe our babies look fine but their skin are not. Special Newborn Problems Increased tendency to injury  Increased in photosensitivity Increased  susceptibility to irritants Some parents are confused with products that are labeled " for babies" assuming that it is safe and non-toxic to use for babies. During the 5th day of #7Daysof Cetaphil I asked the doctor if its still safe to use a soap bar for babies and kids 0-5 years old since Chelsea also has sensitive skin. Dr. said that she thinks its still safe to use soap to babies if their skin is not sensitive but she advise that it's better to use the one that is safe and non-toxic baby gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Baby. Why not use soap? Skin has a normal pH of 5.5 - 6.5 and mo

Get a Brighter and Clearer Skin with Pynocare

With the climate that we have on our country, more and more Filipinos are exposed to certain skin problems, especially most of us are always exposed to the sun in our everyday activities. most common of these skin problems are acne and melasma. Melasma was among the top ten reasons for seeking consultation at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine and among the top ten diseases at the Dermatology Outpatient Department of the Ospital ng Manila Medical Center (OMMC), the 2004 to 2008 census in the respective hospitals showed According to American Academy of  Dermatology: Melasma  (muh-LAZ-muh) is a common skin problem. It causes brown to gray-brown patches, usually on the face. Most people get it on their cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, chin, and above their upper lip. It also can appear on other parts of the body that get lots of sun exposure, such as the forearms and neck. No one wants to experience any skin problems and that is why more Filipinos nowadays have

JOHNSON'S Celebrates Its 125th Year with Series of Special Activities

Mothers love is like a sunlight that  warms our hearts, A love that never gets tired nor bored Mothers love is simple like what other people think but then this love can destroy anything Mothers love is pure and innocent, Like a child inside her womb Mothers love can sometimes be tough Only to make sure that her child is on the right path Seasons might change, leaves will fall, the land will dry But a Mothers Love will remain the same since the day you were born - lhourdes mercadero JOHNSON'S products has always been a part of our family, I still remember my grandmother buying baby powder for me and my aunts, from baby oil, baby soap to shampoos and colognes, Johnson's got us covered. From every generation  until today, I still use Johnson's Products for my daughter. JOHNSON’S® has been pioneering and setting global standards in baby skin care for families globally since many can remember. This year marks a special milestone as JOHNSON’S®

Celavive, The High- Performance Skincare Line of USANA

As we all know USANA is a US-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements, personal care, and healthy food products. Last November 29, USANA celebrates another milestone as they unveiled their newest high-performance skincare line, USANACelavive. During the event, they also announced the faces of Celavive in the Philippines which consists by model and actress Sam Pinto, member of Azkals& team USANA Pilipinas Misagh Bahadoran, Equestrienne Michelle Barrera and Bb. Pilipinas Universe Ms. Sara Jane Paez. The USANA Celavive features USANA Intelligence Technology and Cell Signaling Complex that awakens the cell's natural ability to activate youth-preserving beauty functions. Celavive skincare moisturize skin and help maintain the skin's natural barrier function by enhancing the cell communication Celavive is manufactured in a state of the art facility in Japan which specialized in skin care products and is very well-known for havin

Brings Out Your Nutural Beauty the MISSO® Way

I always have a bottle of sesame oil in my kitchen. It is great to use for making some savory dishes and I really like the smell of it. But do you know that sesame is not only good for your home cooked meal. It is also good for our daily skin care regime. To feel and look beautiful, more and more Filipinos are becoming conscious about what they put on their skin. It used to be as simple as using some astringent to clean up and face powder to keep the oiliness out. But as beauty products become sophisticated, so as the people’s drive to catch up with the latest trend on skin care and cosmetic products. Popular among Filipinos are some of the Korean products taking on the shelves of local stores. It’s no surprise at all, since Koreans are globally known to have glowing skin because of their regimen and many Filipinos are into Korean culture because of the influx of Korean dramas shown on television. As more creams and face masks come in to the shelves, there are some who find

Grand Opening and Successful Partnership of Happy Clinique and E- Prime Skin Care - One Stop Clinic For All Your Beauty and Wellness Needs

For couple of weeks I suffered from breakouts, in which multiple factors contributed to my skin problem, factors like, skincare products, diet, lifestyle and environment. I was so busy running in to some errands and personal matters, with that I always forgot to visit a skincare expert. It was so timely that I received an invite from Mr. Nestor Layderos of Light Network Channel 33 - "Magaan Dito Kapatid" to attend the grand opening/launch of E- Prime Skincare and Happy Clinique I met Ms. Elize Estrada , a very lovely person and a firm believer that one can still look and feel beautiful despite a busy schedule. She could help us achieve the best that we can through   E Prime Skin Care Ms.Estrada is also one of the most experienced medical aestheticism of Belo. Proven to be one of the best in the industry, VIP's and famous celebrities are being under her care. She is also one of the brains behind the success of Belo Medical Group. She is also a PR Manager of

Murad Makeup Mixology Workshop

I just like to share with you about my experience in the Murad Make up Mixology Workshop with Ms.Nicole Romero. Luckily I won in Ms.Nicole Instagram page a VIP invite to the workshop.  Ms.Nicole is teached us how to make a great CC Cream using the Murad Invisublur and our favorite liquid foundation. Her Model Ms.Kally Araneta ( the pretty lady in white). Good thing that I have my favorite Nichido Liquid Foundation in my bag .I was able to try it. The coverage in my face is really nice. Ms.Nicole giving all the attendees a lootbag  Since I won from her blog ,so I received a special lootbag from Ms.Nicole,.Super happy as in. I'll try to make a review regarding the Murad Starter Kit that I got .