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This 9.9 Super Shopping Day, Shopee delivers bigger, more rewarding experiences for all Filipinos

  Filipinos can count on Shopee to bring more exciting deals, exclusive vouchers, entertainment for all, and its newest community-building project MANILA, AUGUST 25, 2022 –  Driven by its goal of serving Filipinos wherever they may be, Shopee continues to deliver ease and convenience for all through its highly-anticipated double day sales. With the upcoming 9.9 Super Shopping Day, the start of its year-end shopping season, Shopee gives everyone much to look forward to with a new community-building project, the greatest selection of deals, entertaining activities, and exciting prizes. Win a Shopee-sponsored Community Project for your Barangay Beyond offering the best deals through its double day sales, Shopee continues to work towards utilizing its resources and technology to help underserved communities across the Philippines. Especially crafted to welcome the start of the 9.9 Super Shopping Day, Shopee has launched Barangay Shopee, the newest initiative under its Shopee Bayanihan CSR

Sinag Schools program powers up school in Batangas

  SM Foundation (SMFI), the corporate social responsibility arm of the SM group, together with Maxeon Solar Technologies, recently powered up the Lemery Pilot Elementary School (LPES) in Batangas through the Sinag Schools program. This social good collaboration between SMFI and Maxeon aims to provide clean and renewable energy to schools in grassroot communities by installing solar panels on an SM school building, especially to those that have low operating expenses.  In addition to the solar panel installation which intends to power positive change in the way energy is consumed in public schools, the program also aims to enhance the understanding of students in terms of energy management and the need to transition to cleaner energy alternatives with lower environmental impacts. “Through this program, we want to power up the learning and development of young people. We want to help teach young people about solar energy, about renewable energy. We want to power up the next generation to

Returning to the office? Never get ‘hangry’ by having these snacks and drinks on hand

  It always pays to be prepared when hunger pangs hit you at work! When working from home, you can quickly get snacks from the kitchen or from the nearest sari-sari store, or order them via food delivery apps — but not so much when you’re back in the office.  It’s best to stuff your bag — or locker — with ready-to-eat snacks and ready-to-drink beverages so you always have something delicious on hand. No one wants to be that “hangry” (hungry and angry) one whose energy and productivity get affected because there’s no food or drink to perk them up.  Here are some snacks and drinks you can cop from the supermarket so you’ll never go “hangry” at work: Jack 'n Jill Presto Creams Feel like you’re losing your focus at work because you’re hangry? If lunch can’t come any quicker, you can grab Presto Creams from your bag. Not only is this treat filling, but it can also help give you the mental focus you need at work because it’s rich in B Vitamins! This delicious cookie sandwich has a yummy

SM Prime and AboitizPower Secure Long-Term Cleanergy Deal

  ( From left to right) SM Prime Energy Consultant Jaime Patinio, AboitizPower Senior Vice President for Commercial Operations Sandro Aboitiz, SM Engineering, Design and Development President Hans Sy, Jr., SM Prime President Jeffrey Lim, AboitizPower President and Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel Rubio, Aboitiz Renewables, Inc. Vice President for Commercial Strategy, Sales, and Engagement David Aboitiz, AboitizPower Vice President for Retail - Commercial Operations Business Unit James Byron Yu, and SM Prime Chief Finance Officer John Nai Peng Ong gather for a luncheon on Thursday, August 4, after sealing a long-term partnership with the commitment to helping build a cleaner and brighter future.        SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime), one of the leading property developers in Southeast Asia, secures a long-term deal with AboitizPower for Cleanergy supply, realizing its goal of increasing its renewable energy portfolio to more than 50%. This is in support of the Department of Energy’s

5 Things from Our Pinoy Childhood That We’ll Always Love

Most of us turn to our childhood for the nostalgia of simpler, more carefree times. A simple mention of a funny or meaningful event from our childhood is enough to get us reminiscing with family and friends. It instantly takes us back to a totally different way of life, making us miss the old times. This is why we treasure items from the past. Memories and sentimental value make it difficult for us to part with them. Whether it’s things we used to enjoy as kids, pamana keepsakes from our parents, or little things we occasionally used to get as treats, these items from our childhood will always hold a special place in our hearts. CDs and cassette tapes Today, we listen to our favorite artists with just a few taps on our smartphones. But back in the day, we still had to go to our favorite music store to grab a cassette tape or CD of their latest and greatest hits. Then, we would pop them into either a Walkman or CD player to listen to the tracks. For music lovers and collectors with a ta

Clinical Test Shows Real World Effectiveness of Difflam-C® vs COVID-19 Sore Throat

  A recent in-vivo study done by the UERM Memorial Medical Center Research team shows Difflam-C®, a locally-available antiseptic gargle solution, significantly alleviates the so-called COVID-19 Sore Throat – the most common symptom and tell-tale sign of people diagnosed with COVID-19. The in-vivo study focused on establishing whether the combination of Benzydamine HCl and Chlorhexidine gluconate in Difflam-C® are effective in a real-world setting and was conducted on 219 COVID-19 patients from November 2021 until February 2022. This combination of active ingredients found in Difflam-C® solution have been gaining popularity in the Philippines particularly among doctors and healthcare professionals, with the synergistic action of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anesthetic, and antiseptic properties in relieving sore throat, as well as other symptoms of throat and mouth infection. Clinically-tested Efficacy in COVID-19 Patients Lead investigators of the study have found that Difflam-C®

Benefits of Having Your Own Dutch Oven

  There are several kitchenware that’s being sold in the market, one of which is the Dutch oven. It is a pot made up of different materials—it can be ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, or the most common, cast iron. Those that are made up of cast iron are heavier than our average pots, but the bright side to this is that cast irons are capable of holding onto more heat and are good at spreading the heat evenly. This, by itself, is already very advantageous. To put it simply, Dutch ovens are one of the most versatile cooking pots in the market, and we’ll prove it to you in this article where AllHome will be sharing with you the benefits of having a Dutch oven in your home by looking at the different methods of cooking you can do with just one Dutch oven. Frying   Fried chicken and lechon kawali are two examples of deep fried foods that can cause so much oil splatters, but we’d endure that because deep fried foods are one of the best foods in the world. Thankfully, with the tallness and

Free medical consultation for foodpanda partner riders

On a mission to continue providing healthcare and safety benefits to its Ka-pandas, foodpanda has partnered with KonsultaMD to provide its fleet of partner riders, e-scooters, bikers, and walkers with free telemedicine consultation services.  Through the partnership, which ran March to June, thousands of Ka-pandas from the country’s leading online quick commerce platform were offered 24/7 free unlimited voice consultations and 4 video consultations with licensed medical doctors through the KonsultaMD app.   “Maayos naman po ang naging experience ko rito sa KonsultaMD sa pag-papakonsulta ng aking nararamdaman sa dibdib. Binigyan po ako agad ng reseta sa online session. Maganda po ang serbisyo, para na rin akong nagpatingin sa ospital, “said Junrey Sahitas, a 22-year-old foodpanda partner rider.  Aside from the video consultations, the healthcare program also included prescriptions, laboratory requests, and other services.  As a father to a 7-month-old baby, Renz Cedrick Sta. Maria was d

Discover Southeast Asia’s must-have finds through the ASEAN Online Sale

  Get up to 90% off on Southeast Asian products on Shopee from August 8-10  MANILA, AUGUST 5, 2022 - Ever thought of exploring other cultures but never had the chance to? Now, Shopee makes it easier for you to get the best of what other countries have to offer, right from the comfort of your home. Starting August 8, discover what Southeast Asia can offer and get up to 90% off at the ASEAN Online Sale.  Shopee partners with the Department of Trade and Industry for the third straight year to once again bring you the best treats and local delights from neighboring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and more.   From August 8-10, you can visit the ASEAN Online Sale on Shopee and get up to 90% off on fashion staples, delicious drinks, must-try food, and essentials popular in Southeast Asian countries such as:  Singapore   Singapore may be a small country, but they are home to world-class tourist spots, people and products. One famous product from Singapore is the Tiger

Add these yummy snacks to your in-home and out-of-home routine

Snacks are a surefire way to bring fun and excitement to every member of the family. Whether they’re working or learning from home or on-site, or hanging out with loved ones in their spare time, it can always be a good time when there’s Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites. Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites are biscuits and cake treats that the whole family can enjoy whenever, wherever. Spending recess with classmates For many students, it’s been more than two years since they were in the classroom with their buddies. Having treats, such as a cream-coated pretzel snack like Knots, as part of their baon can make their recess with friends more enjoyable. Celebrating students’ wins Whether it’s acing a quiz or completing a grueling presentation, take a quick break and celebrate small wins with Quake Overload. This snack has layers of cake and delicious filling, coated with chocolate, and topped with drizzle, which definitely adds a burst of good vibes, making it the perfect rewarding treat for