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A box of sweet surprise from Krispy Kreme

Easter Sunday, not just a tradition, this is more than just the eggs or the bunnies, it signifies new beginnings and hopes to everyone. For kids like my daughter who anticipates Easter Sunday for a lot of reason, how can we make it more special for them? Just before the holy week, my daughter received a very sweet surprise from Krispy Kreme, it was a box of Easter Themed Donuts that made her jump for excitement. She opened the box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts with excitement and as she saw the Easter themed doughnuts, her smile was really priceless. I can say that she really enjoyed every bite of the doughnut. Starting April 1, jump into the Easter festivities and have everybody smiling with the Easter Bunny , a cute doughnut topped with white crisp chocolate coating, white sprinkles and fluffy marshmallow bunny ears dusted with pink sugar; or take flight with  the pretzel-winged Sky Butterfly doughnut, a treat dipped in sky blue-colored chocolate and whimsically topped with