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Dairy Queen's New Holiday Flavors with M&M Red and Green

 There are 2 things that I love every holiday season ,The Christmas treats and Ice Cream. I always buy DQ Ice Cream every time we go to the mall,I really enjoyed how creamy it is .That's why I was so excited when I heard that DQ have a new Blizzards. Christmas comes early with Dairy Queen's latest holiday offerings that definitely satisfy your after-partydessert cravings! Your favorite creamy,smooth DQ soft serve gets a splash of Christmas colors with the launch of the Blizzard of the Month: M&M Red and Green To introduce the new holiday flavors,Dairy Qurn held an exclusive event on November 16 at the Oasis- the first and only air-conditioned,open-air floating garden restaurant located in Gateway Mall,Araneta Center. Everyone was excited to get first dibs on the mouthwatering treats! There's the Double Fudge M&M's made with signature DQ soft serve,pieces of M&M's and swirls of cocoa Fudge .Get your fruit fi

Kids Camp at the Farm by MAD Travel & Human Nature

Our children nowadays are more busy using their gadgets and other electronic devices. Like my daughter Chelsea,who likes to sit in the corner for hours looking and playing games in her tablet. This kind of hobby/habit in her early age is not good for her health. I like her to be more close to nature,and learn more about it,enjoy being a child.That's why MAD Travel and Human Nature are just in a perfect timing for organizing a Kids Camp. Feeding the animals A truly well-rounded education should involve training not only the mind, but the heart and the hands too. Last November 19, social tourism enterprise MAD (Make A Difference) Travel in partnership with Human Heart Nature organized a Kids Camp for children aged between 5 and 12 at the GK Enchanted Farm. Children got involved in a series of hands-on activities, from farming, feeding the pigs, peanut butter making competitions with First Harvest to stitching their own stuffed toys with Plush & Play, bread m