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Discover the wacky world of animals in ZOOMOO

    Wild life film makers and early childhood education experts collaborate to start upthe first wildlife channel that will be a good learning opportunity  for children who are in pre-school. Are nature documentaries too boring for your little ones? Worry no more, mommies and daddies! As the first preschool channel which is all about wildlife and conservation, ZooMoo brings excitement to learning by combining funny and adorable puppet characters, stunning animation, breathtaking nature videos, and interactive games that will help young children develop a love for animals. The channel is available on Solar Entertainment’s latest digital platform, EasyTV. A collaboration between wildlife filmmakers and early childhood education experts from the University of Otago, New Zealand, ZooMoo features a lineup of more than 1,500 standalone episodes that are organized to make learning fun, easy, and effective for very young viewers. The highlight of each show is the channel’s cast