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Showing posts from August 8, 2020

Mambo's Korean Fried Chicken is a must try

Cravings struck again!  With the recent K-Drama's that I have watched for the last 2 days, there is always an episode where they've been happily enjoying Korean Fried Chicken, and since we can't go out due to the quarantine and we need to satisfy this craving,  Mambo Chicken is here to the rescue! Their Korean Fried Chicken is a must-try Original Korean Fried Chicken Very Crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside with the right seasoning will make you crave for another bite. Ban Ban Chicken If you want to spice it up, this is the one for you. their mambo chicken has the combination of sweet and spicy goodness that levels up, so if you want the heat on a higher level you can certainly request it. For a very affordable price of P499, you can get the Family Set (8 Pcs Chicken , 4 Rice, and 4 peach Iced Tea) a real bang for the buck! The experience is not complete without trying their Chicken Teopokki and Chicken Japchae, it will surely satisfy your Korean Food Cravin

Order Red Ribbon Cake in 3 Easy Step through RIA

  As families mark special moments from the comfort of their homes these days—birthdays, anniversaries, graduations—one thing remains constant: a Red Ribbon cake or pastry! Knowing how much these celebrations mean the world to everyone, and in their desire to fulfill their commitment towards customer safety and satisfaction, Red Ribbon proudly introduces RIA –the brand’s smart and friendly online service crew who will assist customers in ordering their favorite Red Ribbon cakes and pastries via Facebook Messenger.  “At Red Ribbon, we are constantly seeking ways for our customers to conveniently and safely enjoy our products especially during these times,” says Red Ribbon Marketing Head Kent Mariano. “In introducing RIA, we immediately thought of making her available on Messenger, which is widely-used and easy to access. What’s more, our customers can chat with RIA wherever they may be through their mobile device.” So, who is RIA, you may ask? RIA is a contemporary and young take on a p