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My Version of U.S. Potato Pan Pizza

  Potatoes play an essential role in our favorite Filipino dishes. We use them for our Picadillo, Caldereta, Mechado, Menudo, and even our all-time favorite Adobo! Then there is our go-to snack… Fries! And of course our favorite side dish, the Mashed Potato.  It is such a vital part of our daily meals, don’t you agree? Did you know that you can also use potatoes to make bread and pastries? Aside from having a much richer flavor than using regular flour, the bread made from potato is much softer and fluffier.  Potatoes can be used in a lot more ways than what we are accustomed to. They come in so many forms aside from fresh. Here in the Philippines, Potatoes USA also markets U.S. frozen and U.S. dehydrated potatoes. Potatoes can accommodate a host of flavor profiles, thus are useful in so many dishes and cuisines. Boiled, fried, baked, steamed, there is no limit to your cooking creativity when it comes to potatoes! Tater Tips and Tricks  I have learned that putting your peeled potatoes

My Picky Eater Daughter

Is your child eating healthy foods? Is your child a picky eater? Chelsea was a picky eater when she was 3 years old.  She still drink her milk in a feeding bottle when she's 4 yes old but I also trained her to eat the foods that we also eat but. . . I noticed that she is not gaining weight despite of how much she ate. I decided to take her to our family doctor.  The Doctor advised me to include these foods to Chelsea's meal everyday EGGS -  Egg contains Vit. A,B- Complex,Vit C,D,E and K,Phosphorus, Selenium,Calcium and Zinc DRIED ANCHOVIES -  are very rich in protein ,vitamins and minerals that help in maintaining good health.  MONGGO - important health benefits are ability to improve digestion, boost heart health,positively impact energy level,aids circulation, stimulate growth and repair. Chelse is turning 5 on December and I really like her to be healthy and eat different variety of foods. Though Chelsea really loves to eat Sinigang,Ti