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Modern Filipino taste at Manila Life Cafe in NAIA Terminal 3

With the recent upgrades and rehabilitation that is being done to our International airports, I can say that there were a lot of improvements and as well as establishments and restaurants that will make our stay in the airport somehow comfortable and less stressful. Manila Life Cafe is the new place to hang out for travelers in Ninoy Aquino International Aiport, Terminal 3. Recently I have visited NAIA ( Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 3, not because of a flight but instead, I will be trying a new restaurant called Manila Life Cafe by Marriott Manila. True to its name, this cafe offers a wide variety of Filipino Food that was enhanced to fit the taste of a modern generation. Located on the 4th Floor of NAIA Terminal 3, the place was very accessible to passengers who are waiting for their flight, you can even dine with your family while waiting for your flight less of the worries, this 94- seater cafe has opened last October 14, The place features some