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Ten Ren's Tea officially opens its newest branch in the south

Tea is one well-known drink because of its health benefits. In the early 2000 Milk Tea or Lai Cha becomes popular in Asian Countries like HongKong, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. In the last few years, Milk Tea Shop started to boom in the Philippines. More business owners tried matching and mixing its flavor to adapt to the young generation palate. Ten Ren's is a popular company in Taiwan that manufacture and specializes in ginseng and teas. Their goal is to promote the art of Chinese tea to consumers around the world. Ten Ren's is quite popular when it comes to green tea and oolong tea. Ten Ren's 1st shop in the Philippines opened in Greenhills San Juan. Recently they opened its newest branch in the Alabang to cater most of the consumer in the south. They offer specialty tea beverage made from natural and whole leaf tea. Some of the most popular beverage of Ten Ren's are the Green Tea Mango Slush and Taro Green Milk tea. Aside from their refreshing