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Ampalaya Plus Food Supplement Review and Testimonial

I'm a stay home mom now for almost 5 years now.I stopped working when I decided to be a full time mom and housewife.  We live in a small house with only few things to clean. Taking care of my daughter who is only 4 years old. There's nothing much to do inside our house. So I developed an unhealthy lifestyle. I didn't focus on having exercise, I sleep late watching late night shows while writing. I become dependent to unhealthy foods/stuff. I gained weight. A month ago I noticed that I always had headache,indigestion, hurtburn, body pain and my sugar level was higher than the normal level.  I was worried and I know that my grandfather is diabetic and their is a big possibility that it runs in our blood. That's when I I started taking Amapalaya Plus Capsule . DESCRIPTION Ampalaya PLus Capsule is a FOOD SUPPLEMENT -that helps maintain the blood sugar level.   -It also aids weight control,cholesterol, pimples/acne ,highblood, arthritis Ampaya PL