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Bakers Maison Breads and Experience

I love breads! I eat breads for breakfast and snacks sometimes for lunch or dinner if I really don't have appetite or I saw a yummy looking bread.

We visited Bakers Maison in SM North Edsa last week.They serve yummy looking breads and pastries.

The Blueberry Muffin have like a crispy cramble on top and its really moist inside and have a blueberry jam like filling inside. Its a winner for Chelsea,my daughter loves it.

This loaf bread is so yummy.I don't need to put jam or whatever filling because it taste good as it is. I remember the milk bun/bread ,it takes like that.

Of course ,they also serve beverage. The coffee is so awesome. Just the perfect coffee for me.Its the first time Mike also compliment and like a coffee,his not into coffee but he said theit taste good ,the sweetness is just right.

Aside from yummy breads and pastries.Bakers Maison Store Crew are really friendly.They are so fast and attentive.Very helpful to their customers .

Aside from Bread Talk ,Bakers Maison…