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Ginhawa sa Kalusugan Ngayong Tag-Ulan: Be ready for the rainy season with these essentials

  As the refreshing rains replace the scorching summer heat, a season shift brings both relief and health challenges. While the rain offers a welcome respite, it also ushers in health concerns that become more prominent during this time. The shift in seasons usually affects me personally because it can impact my health and that of my family. For instance, due to afternoon rain showers, my allergies tend to flare up due to the increased moisture and mold growth. I often find myself sneezing, dealing with itchy eyes, and congestion. Moreover, I've experienced firsthand how the extreme afternoon heat followed by rain in the evening can lead to illnesses like the flu and colds. Last week, my husband caught a cough and flu-like symptoms, and it left him fatigued for a few days, which was quite worrisome for our family. So, the change in seasons hits close to home as it brings with it the potential for health issues, making it a time when we need to take extra precautions.  And as we co