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SHARP launches AQUOS THE SCENES 8K series to enrich family quality time

  SHARP today announced the Philippine launch of its new flagship Audio Visual products, AQUOS THE SCENES 8K, providing new dimensions of immersive experience in living room. SHARP’s Audio-Visual brand AQUOS marks its 20 years with a celebration this year. AQUOS THE SCENES 8K series debuts as its anniversary models, over two product categories: TV and Sound bar. AQUOS is the original coined word, combined with AQUA + QUALITY, has been used since 2001 as the symbol of ‘New standard home used TV for 21st century’. In 2000, SHARP declared grand resolution to change all CRT TVs in Japan to LCD TVS in 5years, when only 4% TVs were LCD*2. After 20years, TVs in all around the world now are replaced to LCD TV. During this time, Sharp launch many World’s largest / World’s first TVs, and achieved 50million units accumulated sales in 2020. Sharp sets its business vision as ‘Changing the World with 8K+5G’, and our aim is to continue to introduce new products and services that meet the expectati