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Crave Healthy, Nutritious Snack for Pregnant Women

As they say, what you eat is what you are, but when you are pregnant, we should only choose and eat nutritiously for you and for your child's early development. With this being said, even if we really wanted to give in to those cravings for our favorite snacks, we instead turn to healthy alternatives which most of the time is not what we want or does not taste good. so we usually say goodbye to most foods and so as our favorite "Chips" and honestly that also made me sad since I really love chips, so when I was pregnant with my little Princess, this has been out of my list and so as a lot of foods that I usually love. Recently I was able to stumble into this snack which they call "Crave Healthy". A chip made for moms-to-be, yes you heard it right, you can have chips without the worry that this may be unhealthy for you and your child. How I wish they had these when I was pregnant. Crave Healthy is the first snack product here in the Philippines