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Good-for-sharing menus at foodpanda for your Easter feast

In the Philippines, Easter Sunday isn’t just about religious activities and egg hunts; it’s a joyous occasion for families to celebrate and feast. After Lent's fasting, everyone's craving those savory meals and hearty treats. But let's face it, preparing all that food can be a hassle, especially when Easter's supposed to be relaxing. Thankfully, foodpanda's got your back, making Easter feasting hassle-free! With just a few taps, you can dive into a wide selection of restaurants and have your favorite dishes delivered right to your doorstep, leaving you free to enjoy your time with your loved ones. Here are some restaurants that may help you decide, offering a range of delicious options to make your Easter celebration one to remember . Manam P hoto credit: Manam Must-order: House Crispy Sisig Super Benta Box Are you a die-hard sisig fan? Look no further than Manam, the home of the best sisig in Manila. If you're a family of six to eight people, their House Cri

Chickenjoyers celebrate their love for the Philippines’ iconic fried chicken

  For the first time in Chickenjoy history, Jollibee brought together enthusiasts of its well-loved fried chicken at the day-long “I Am A Chickenjoyer Fan Meet” at Trinoma Activity Center last February 17. This joy-filled event gathered families and friends adding up to over 1,500 individuals to celebrate their shared love for the iconic Chickenjoy. “We are so excited to finally bring so many Chickenjoyers together in one venue and host an exciting day for them,” said Pamie Cruz, Senior Marketing Manager of Jollibee Philippines. “This is our way of thanking them for their continued support for Chickenjoy, and for spreading this love to their families and friends from all over the country and even all over the world.” Guests engaged in a slew of activities detailed in their event passports. From conquering the Claw Machine to trying their luck at the Giant Gachapon and mastering the Ball Bucket Shoot Out, attendees collected points, won limited-edition Chickenjoy merchandise, and create

Who Knew A Malunggay Snack Can Be Yummy With The NEW Nova Greens?

  Is this your kid? Whether they’re bored, having cravings, or just want something to munch on in their spare time, they’re always eager to reach for a snack. Sometimes we can’t help but do it too. While snacking in moderation is encouraged, you can always choose ones that are not only yummy but are also packed with good stuff. And for that, here’s a tasty treat that might revolutionize snacking for your family. Yummy greens for happy kids Enter Jack 'n Jill Nova Greens—a snack that may bridge the gap between tasty and wholesome. Imagine a snack crafted with the goodness of four grains—corn, rice, wheat, and oats. Now, add the power of real malunggay into the mix. The result? It is a delightful snack alternative, with healthy ingredients, that kids and parents can confidently munch along without any guilt. And here's the kicker: the kids won't even mind the multi-grains and vegetables packed in their snack because Nova Greens comes in two satisfying flavors, Nacho Cheese an

Jollibee takes over Grab for Jollibee’s 45th Birthday Blowout

  For over 45 years, Jollibee has shared the joy across the country and the world, bringing langhap-sarap favorites and joyful memories wherever you go. To celebrate this milestone year, the beloved brand has partnered with Grab to launch Jollibee’s Birthday Blowout. You can watch the campaign video here. In line with Jollibee’s massive anniversary campaign, this special collaboration with Grab offers customers app-exclusive offers and promos featuring everyone’s Jollibee favorites, along with a few special surprises.  Jollibee has been a partner of Grab since 2019, becoming one of its first official GrabFood merchants. “Our partnership with Grab has been key in greatly expanding our delivery network across the country.” said Dorothy Dee Ching, Vice President and Head of Marketing of Jollibee. “This Jollibee Birthday Blowout is a special treat for Jollibee lovers on GrabFood, with langhap-sarap deals and treats everyone will enjoy.”  Grab users can deliver and share the joy of Jollibee

Kenny Rogers brings the greatness of garlic with the new Great Garlic Roast

Whether it’s roasted, sautéed or even used raw, garlic undoubtedly has an unforgettable and versatile flavor that adds depth and aroma to many of our dishes. While its taste is rich as is, it can be further enhanced with the wonderful combination of other herbs and spices to make a dish truly mouthwatering and enjoyable to eat. Kenny Rogers Roasters is highlighting the irresistible aroma, depth, and complexity of garlic flavor as it introduces its newest offering that’s both healthy and extremely flavorful – The Great Garlic Roast.  Available in all Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants starting October 16, 2023, customers can enjoy their beloved roasted chicken that’s uniquely seasoned in a special blend of herbs and spices for an enriched garlic flavor. The crisp, golden-brown skin is bursting with bold flavors and topped with roasted garlic cloves and bits for that extra garlic kick. For customers who want to enjoy it solo, there’s The Great Garlic Roast Solo B (P305) consisting of quar

Smart Grocery Shopping Tips for a Healthier and Budget-Friendly Kitchen

  A trip to the grocery store can be a daunting task, with aisles filled with choices and the temptation of impulse buys. But fear not! With the right strategies, you can transform your grocery shopping experience into a more efficient, cost-effective, and health-conscious endeavor. In this blog post, we'll share a range of grocery shopping tips to help you make better choices and optimize your trips to the store. 1 . Plan Ahead: a. Create a Shopping List: Before heading to the store, make a list of the items you need. Organize it by categories like produce, dairy, grains, and proteins to streamline your shopping. b. Meal Planning: Plan your meals for the week in advance. This will not only guide your grocery list but also reduce food waste. 2. Stick to a Budget: a. Set a Spending Limit: Determine a budget for your grocery shopping trip and stick to it. Consider using cash or a debit card to avoid overspending. b. Avoid Impulse Buys: Stay focused on your list, and avoid wanderi

Enjoy your morning and afternoon merienda with Snacktime Favorites

  There are moments in a day where we suddenly feel like munching on a snack. So, it’s best to have your favorites ready when the urge kicks in. If you’re on the lookout for delicious snack options for you and your loved ones, Jack ‘n Jill has got you covered. From cookies that bring delight to ate, kuya and bunso’s morning breaks, up to the crackers that mom and dad can enjoy during their afternoon merienda, there’s Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites for every member of the family. Here’s how you and your family can enjoy classic (and NEW) Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites: Make morning and afternoon merienda more delightful with Jack ’n Jill Snacktime Favorites Early morning class recitation and work presentation Gearing up for a work presentation or class recitation? Snacking can sometimes give you that boost of energy that you need to help you think on your feet. For the little ones who usually have their recess as early as ten in the morning, a must-have is the crunchy bite-sized coo

Cheesy Waffle Fries with Steak and Mushroom

  Are you running out of ideas for your next family movie night? Or just trying to be creative with your kids' snacks? Well, I have just the perfect recipe for you! I’m sharing a creative take on the Philly Cheesesteak, a famous American snack that has been loved and adored for generations. Presenting… my Cheesy Waffle Fries with Steak and Mushroom! Crispy waffle fries loaded with thinly sliced beef and caramelized onions, bell peppers and mushrooms, topped with hot melted cheese. Doesn’t this make your mouth water? My kids are big fans of potato fries, and every Saturday movie night, they always request for fries. So, to make it more enjoyable, I decided to “upgrade” it a bit. Check out this quick and easy recipe that I’m sure you’ll love, too! Cheesy Waffle Fries with Steak and Mushroom Ingredients : • 500 g U.S frozen waffle fries • 500 g top-round steal (thinly sliced) • 1 medium onion, diced • 1 medium bell pepper, sliced • 1 can (284 g) button mushrooms • quick melt cheese •