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Beat the Summer Heat with Healthy Beverages

With summer being officially here, keeping your self hydrated and healthy is something that we need to last the scorching heat, so aside from water who does not hold as much appeal anymore. One of the best ways to quench your thirst is to prepare refreshing drinks that will let you stay cool this season. While there are many available refreshments you can make for your family, it pays to ensure that you give them not just cold, sweet drinks but also some essential nutrients. To help you achieve healthy and family-friendly drinks, Santé Barley listed three fun and exciting refreshments that are sure to provide a cool way to beat the summer heat. Santé Barley Choco Drink Whip out your blender and take advantage of this easy-to-make drink as you can never go wrong with its chocolatey goodness, especially this time of the year. What you need to prepare: One sachet Choco Barley 6 ounces (177 mL) water or milk 8 sachets of Santé Pure Barley (24g) 6 ice cubes Three