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Junior Preneur Christmas Bazaar and Workshop at Pioneer St Market

We as parents always think what's best for our kids as they grow.We like them to value things that they have and be responsible at their young age. As early as now, We should be able to show them how to save and learn how to value what they will earn. If there is one event parents shouldn't miss this Christmas season, it would be  Junior Preneur at Pioneer St Market where kids for the following reasons: a. EARN - Kids do actual work thru manning their own b. SAVE - Kids open a bank account from our partner banks after the day work and deposit part of his earnings as his savings C. SHARE - Kids donate to our partner foundation D. LEARN – Kids participate on workshop activities such as: Cooking, Music, Academics and Sports. There is an estimated audience of 1,500 who we have invited from several schools, parent groups, religious organization and other private clubs. Proceeds of the event will be donated to James Mackay Foundation for Philippine National School of t