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Quality Musical Instruments For Kids

My husband is really interested in musical instruments, to be specific he likes Guitar the most. Maybe this is the reason why my daughter also loves to have her own musical instruments. I was looking for an awesome shop that sells quality musical instruments. Jen1ne is one of our top choices. Jen1ne Distributor Incorporated (est. 2009) is one of the leading musical instrument distributors in the Philippines and is responsible for establishing D&D Custom Guitars among others which, in only a few years’ time, has risen to become one the leading guitar brands in the Philippines. Jen1ne Distributor Inc’s goal is to provide Filipinos with quality instruments while still resting in an affordable price range. The company continuously works with local artists such as Barbie Almalbis, Manuel Legarda, Raymund Marasigan and the like to be able to produce engaging products and effective marketing