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Vivo seals exciting Partnerships with Shopee and Akulaku

Partnerships define stronger ties on partnered brands. Things get a lot more exciting as our favorite Online Shops and one of the most loved smartphone brands partnered to make the exciting phones that they have, available to everyone in a touch of a finger even without going to a physical store.

Vivo Philippines Vice President for Sales Ms. Hazel Bascon and Brand Director Ms. Annie Lim during the launch of the all-new X21 on June 21 at Okada Manila exchanged tokens with the representatives from Shopee Philippines, Ms. Jane Lim, and from Akulaku, Mr. Sean Duxiang.

With the new partnerships, Vivo has opened its official online store on Shopee Philippines and has given shoppers to buy its smartphones through online installment payment options on Akulaku.

“We promise a fruitful year of surprises as we forge more partnerships with other brands, such as Shopee Philippines and Akulaku,” Ms. Bascon said before the ceremonial exchanged of tokens.

Shopee Philippines is an online shopping mall …

Shopee 5.5 Super Sale + The Announcement of the First Brand Ambassador of Shopee

If there is one thing that I love to do while I'm online aside from checking my newsfeed on Facebook, that is to check out the latest deals and promos in my Shopee app. There are few reasons why I usually do my online shopping in Shopee and not with another online shopping platform.As we all know, Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

3 Reasons why I love to do online shopping only in Shopee
  Convenient mode of payment  Shopee always has the biggest sale, promos and great deals ever.  Shipping Fee is FREE

What is the Shopee 5.5 Super Sale
Shopee 5.5, is the biggest Mid-Year Online sale that will happen here in the Philippines.This campaign will run from 13 April to 5 May. It will feature great discounts of up to 90 % off on thousands of products. There will also awesome deals as low as Php 55 peso and the daily flash sales

 The 1st A-List Celebrity Brand Ambassador of Shopee Philippines

During the kick-off launch of the Shopee 5.5  Super Sale, Shope…

Gift Giving Becomes Merrier with Shopee Super Christmas Sale

Christmas is the season of love, hope, and giving. This is also the busiest and the most hectic time of the year. People are excited while making their  Christmas list making sure that everyone in the dear to them will receive a gift this coming Christmas.
We Filipinos always make sure that Christmas will be fun, full of laughter and love. Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Bazaar and other store are always full of people which makes Christmas shopping a hassle. now that online shopping is becoming a better alternative than going out and getting yourself stuck in the middle of the mall trying to get the best gift for your loved ones

Not only that we save time and money with the help of e-commerce this also helps small entrepreneurs in promoting their products and giving them a chance to sell their items without the worry of paying a large rent for space on a well-known mall or bazaar.

This Christmas, gift giving becomes merrier with Shopee. Filipinos can check off their Christmas shopping…