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Rice: The staple that Filipinos can’t live without

Rice is considered as the global staple food. In most of Asian countries , rice is the staple food in every table. Filipinos can eat more than one cup of rice with almost everything. It's the food source that completes the meals on the table. This is why a Filipino meal is not complete without rice. Rice has also been an important part of the Philippine culture, that one basis of growing up and maturity is whether or not you can cook/steam rice properly. Rice is versatile and it’s what makes the dish unique. Besides the fact that a meal is more scrumptious with rice, it is also nutritive. It helps control blood pressure, improves metabolism, and promotes cardiovascular health. Rice is also rich in carbohydrates that provide energy, and has small amounts of protein but has no fat. The versatility of  rice is just one of the many reasons why rice continues to be the most dominant cereal crop. Rice can be served and enjoyed in many different ways:  sushi   ric