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The Black Pig, Taste of Modern European Cuisine

A few weeks ago I started checking some new restaurant, bars, and those restaurants that I've never been before. There are places that you know that you can just sit and just order anything on the menu without being intimidated by the place or the people eating at the next table. Casual Dining can be, somehow luxurious but one thing is for sure " You only live once and we work not just to sleep and pay bills, so giving yourself a treat for a sumptuous meal is a must. Someone asked me this question, "Is it expensive to eat in a European restaurant?" , at first, My answer is Maybe Yes, Maybe Not? Just yesterday I chat with her and told her about my dining experience in a modern European restaurant, called the Black Pig . Black Pig is a modern European restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Commerce Center, Alabang. One thing I like about this restaurant aside from their unique and delicious food is that they don't have a specialty. Chef Ca