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Showing posts from December 3, 2018

COOK Magazine celebrates 18th Year with a Pajama Party!

COOK Magazine is been in the industry for 18 years and known as the longest running and monthly culinary  magazine in the Philippines. For  the past 8 years they continue to hold their annual thanksgiving party for Cook Magazine's advertiser, columnist, and friends in the industry to show their appreciation. I attended their 16th Anniversary last 2016 which was also held at House Manila. This year’s celebration, “Slumber Ball – A High Gloss Pajama Party”, was conceptualized by the COOK Magazine  team which aims to provide the guest  with a relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere. The night was filled with laughter, food and prizes. This year theme reflects the working environment at COOK - laid-back, filled with dreamy food and recipes, and lots of fun and laughter. While publishing a monthly magazine isn’t a walk in the park, 18 years in the industry is proof that when you do what you love, it won’t ever feel like work. The yearly celebration is also an opportunity to

Artistry in every bite: Indulge in the finest with the Red Ribbon Cake Creations

Creating beautiful and delectable cakes is an undeniable from of art. Those with a passion for cake artistry understand that it means constantly discovering new ingredients, exploring exciting flavor combinations, practicing different decorating techniques, and always seeking inspiration for unique designs. Last year, Red Ribbon shared their expertise on cake artistry with the Red Ribbon Cake Creations, a line of elegantly designed, premium cakes fit for the most special occasions. Now, the well-loved bakeshop shows their unwavering dedication for the craft as they introduce a sophisticated, new take on the classic Ube cake – the Ube Bloom. Red Ribbon perfects the familiar favorite into a splendid, new creation.  “When we first launched the Cake Creations line, we wanted to highlight the artistry that goes into our cakes. We want to continue to showcase this which is why we’re always on the look-out for flavors and designs to play around with to ensure that we provide our cu