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Frontliners, the new name for heroes

With more than 1,500 positive cases in our country and more than 70 deaths as in writing, Covid-19 has taken a toll on our fellow Filipino's health and livelihood. It is like facing an invisible enemy that needs to be contained immediately to prevent more damage. A lot of countries took preventive measures to prevent the virus from infecting everyone, our government also implemented Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to the whole country for 30 days to avoid local transmission, a lot of us are forced to stay at home, almost all of us needed to stop our normal daily routines to limit contact to avoid and lessen the cases of Covid-19 in our country. I felt afraid for my family and loved ones and myself. I don't want them to catch the virus and I believe we have the same feelings for all the people that are important for us, especially the virus has not spared even the lives of the doctors and nurses who are treating the sick. Amid this pandemic that is causing pain a

Safeguarding our Future made possible for everyone

Life is unpredictable, unforeseen events like accidents and sickness are just around the corner, they can happen anytime and can catch you off-guard. Just as Stephen King said, “there's no harm in hoping for the best as long as you're prepared for the worst.” Many of us are ignoring the importance of insuring ourselves and our future. The most common reason is money. We may be decided to get ourselves insured but with all the expenses that we have every day, it becomes least of our priority.  This is a common scenario to a regular Filipino worker who earns minimum-wage which is just enough to bring food on the table, and a lot of us are on the same page.  The second reason is trust. A lot of companies offering insurance often sound too good to be true, or we have heard stories from our friends and discouraging us to get insurance, so instead of having fewer worries during times of crisis, we end up stressed out. This is what is happening right now. With t

Maynilad’s mitigating measures to ease possible water shortage this summer 2020

As summer approaches, aside from feverish temperatures, one of the things that make us lose our cool is a water service interruption. In the first half of 2019, we've experienced a water crisis that affected the whole Metro Manila and almost all parts of the country. Since the crisis has affected everyone, I remember even water refilling stations packed with consumers hoping to fill their water gallons lined up like waiting for a blockbuster movie. It was an unforgettable experience for many that the water concessionaires like Maynilad and Manila Water were flooded with complaints from their consumers. For Maynilad, it was a challenge to maintain 24/7 supply for all of its consumers as the water level in Angat Dam plunged to below-critical levels. It is from this dam that 91% of Maynilad's raw water supply comes from, and the remaining 9% comes from Laguna Lake.  The below-critical water level in Angat Dam compelled the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) to reduce ra

A Beginner’s Guide: Stocking Up On Essential Cookware And Kitchenware

If you are just getting acquainted with the room in your house in which you can prepare food, the first thing you should know is that it is called a kitchen. Did you know this one? Of course, I know you did. But, I would so like to hear different suggestions for the name. “Food burner? That thingy that feeds you?” If you have a creative solution, please, DO share it. But, let’s stop kidding around for a short while. At least as long as it takes us to learn some basics. I don’t know about you, but as a beginner in the world of cooking, I wouldn’t want to burn my kitchen down on the first try. I don’t know what would be worse – the fact that I no longer own a kitchen, or all the teasing and laughing I’d get from my friends and family. I would have to move to a different country to avoid their comments. Therefore, when starting out on this adventure, do it carefully and cautiously. But, also, give yourself some freedom

Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Brokers, ensures accessibility for Filipinos

Preparing for your future is more than working hard and saving money, getting insurance plays a vital part in it. A lot of Filipinos are still not aware of the importance of getting insurance and even if some are already aware of it, most of them are hesitant about where to start for their insurance. If the knowledge and benefits of insurance are easily accessible to every Filipinos, it would enlighten a lot of us in the importance of insurance and preparing for our future. Cebuana Lhuillier, the country’s largest micro-financial services provider, has introduced a new insurance brokerage company, Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Brokers, Inc. (CLIB), that aims to help provide Filipinos with better access to more inclusive and affordable insurance products and services.  2018 data from the Insurance Commission reveals that almost 40 million or only 37% of the country’s 105 million total population are covered by insurance. Further highlighting how getting insurance can be a cha

Maynilad's mitigating measures to ease the impact of the reduced water allocation

Water is one of our body's basic need to survive, it is essential for our daily living, not only for our food and drinks but also for sanitation. For these reasons why we need a clean and stable water supply. With the severe water shortage that struck Metro Manila last year, many have been worried and wondered what happened to the water concessionaires that are supposed to be maintaining the water supply in Metro Manila. To explain things further, Maynilad Water Services, Inc. won the bidding by the government to supply water for the West Zone of the Greater Manila Area, while Manila Water is the one supplying for the East Zone. In line with this, I had the opportunity to know where and how the water that is flowing in our faucets is sourced and processed before we can utilize it. To start our trip, we went directly to the source, Angat Dam. The Angat Dam is a multipurpose dam located in Norzagaray, Bulacan. Managed by Angat Hydropower Corporation (AHC), it is used

Make your kid's smile, a HAPEE SMILE

As early as now, teach your kids about the importance of oral health and how proper brushing of teeth can prevent cavities and tooth decay. Plaque and sweets are a great tandem for tooth decay, and kids love sweets. By lessening them in eating candies and other sweets together with brushing their teeth can reduce the risk of having tooth decay. As parents, we need to set as an example for our kids, especially in taking care of their teeth to allow them to smile confidently, and this will also help them be conscious about their oral health. That is why I always make sure that my daughter also develops this habit, and I support her by giving her a toothpaste that can help her fight cavities. I honestly had a hard time making my daughter brush her teeth, one of her complaints is the flavor of the toothpaste, as mint does not suit her taste. That is the reason why I switched to Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste. Aside from preventing cavity, it allows kids to enjoy brushing their teeth

Yoshimeatsu Global South Las Piñas

We happened to drop by Vista Mall Global South inC-5, Las Piñas and we just discovered this new korean-Japanese restaurant that serves unlimited yakiniku with 19 side dishes and 13 grilling meats for a fair price of 549 PHP, approx $10. Since the place seemed to be open just recently it was not crowded yet, you can pretty much appreciate the ambiance of the restaurant. The staff prepared our table and gave us a brief description of what they serve, which is pretty great, he also introduced us to their ordering system which you did not need to raise your hand to ask for another set of pork or beef strips and you'll just need few taps on their on the table touch screen ordering system ( seems too flashy name) since I don't know what it's called, but it was great since you did not need to call their attention for additional drinks, meat, dessert, you can even ask to change the charcoal with just fee taps. They served 4 variants of their meat at first