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Celebrating Philippine Independence while enjoying your favorite Filipino food at home with GrabFood

 One of the things that I can remember of my childhood is the Philippine Independence dlDay celebration. Waking up hearing the national anthem being sung from the television while the Philippine Flag raising is being re-enacted in Aguinaldo Shrine, I remember creating the Philippine flag using bond paper and crayon and attaching it to a skewer so I can display it outside of our house, while my Lola is preparing our lunch early with our favorite adobo or sinigang. Years may have passed, and I may now have my own family, but this nostalgic feeling is always present during this celebration. Even with the new normal that we have due to the pandemic, I still try to do simple celebrations to commemorate the independence of our country and also teach my daughter how to create her Philippine flag. For this year, instead of preparing a simple meal, we have decided to order our food via GrabFood Delivery for our favorite Filipino Food. Aside from saving time in preparation, this also helps our

Appreciating Our Tireless Grab Delivery Riders this Labor Day

It has been more than a year that our country is in community quarantine. Within this duration of preventing the spread of COVID, we still try to adjust to the new normal like social distancing, wearing face masks and face shields, and some of us even started working at home to lessen the chances of getting sick. During the height of the pandemic, we relied heavily on Online Delivery Services to purchase our food, groceries, and other necessities, especially when my husband has been part of the skeletal workforce of their company and needed to stay at their office.  Online Delivery Services like Grab Food and Grab Mart served as the bridge of different businesses to consumers during the community quarantine, employing hundreds or more delivery riders in delivering essentials to households. Just like our other frontliners, these brave delivery riders deserve to be acknowledged. While browsing today, I saw this short video for Labor Day from Grab to pay tribute to the brave delivery part