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4 Celebrity Moms Share Their #CertifiedMaDISHkarte Tips

  Are you ready to level up your cleaning game and try some #CertifiedMaDISHkarte tips? Clean homes don't just miraculously clean themselves and in the whirlwind of busy lives, it’s important to learn effective tips and tricks to keep your house clean and healthy. This includes making sure you’re more vigilant with the cleaning materials you use, as well as how you clean them. While we go above and beyond in disinfecting the things that come inside our homes, we must also give that same attention to the ones already inside. What’s one of the dirtiest objects in your house? It’s–guess what–that small squishy soft sponge you use to wash the dishes.  Some of the bacteria aren’t harmful and might just make your sponges smelly, but others could potentially make you sick. The worst part is it can contaminate everything it touches if left unsanitized–like dishes and utensils. Wash dishes like a pro and have that peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re not cleaning dishes with a germy

How To Make Summer More Fun with Bubbleman

Summer is vacation season, most of us are always outdoors and some of us stays indoor due to the heat, but one thing is for sure, while we stay home to enjoy our selves to the coldest summer drinks and food, dirty dishes also piles up in our kitchen. me and my daughter are always on a tandem in the kitchen, specially in cooking. and when it comes to cooking our favorite dishes, and as early as now, I also teach her household chores, I allow my daughter to help me in preparing dishes and at the same time, I also allow her to help me in washing plates and some utensils, this allows her to learn to be responsible and at the same time, it also gives us quality time to bond while doing the chores together. Aside from making sure that my daughter learns chores and become responsible, I also consider her safety, that is why I only choose the safe and best kitchen buddies. and when it comes to dishwashing liquid, I only chose Bubbleman Dishwashing liquid, a lot of dishwashing liquids